Food Intolerance Home Health Test Kits


Food intolerance and food allergies are often caused by a chronic health condition that the patient is not even aware of; many people frequently show intestinal symptoms, skin eruptions, headaches, vomiting episodes or even asthma, not to mention that behavior changes are not excluded either. Modern home health test kits for allergies and food toxins identify the presence of specific antibodies, making it possible for one to actually recognize the food item behind the reaction. Most such tests provide a positive or negative type of result, not indicating the exact food; that is left for you to do after you make sure the symptoms don’t point to another type of problem.

Home test kits for food allergies are extremely simple to use and they are 99% accurate in the reading of the results. With the help of a sterile finger prick from the kit you’ll collect a small blood sample; besides the positive or negative answer, professional advice and expertise is given by sending the blood sample by mail to a laboratory. This is one of the most cost-effective means of having you tested against allergies, as most of the time the packaging and transportation fees are already covered. Results are usually ready within a few days, and they will reach you sooner or later depending on the distance between your home and the medical facility.

What is the whole point of keeping a home health test kit for allergies in the house? After all we all know how food poisoning is like. Food intolerance is nowadays acknowledged as a widely spread phenomenon, and more and more people become aware that severe reactions can be prevented. The association between bad eating habits, poor food quality and chronic disease has seldom been made before. Lots of chronic digestive problems are sometimes rooted in not paying attention to some specific symptoms and their recurrence.

A home health test kit for allergies won’t tell which food is harmful for your health, but at least one is able now to tell when it is food intolerance or a true migraine. Treating such a headache with over-the-counter drugs is like seeing and avoiding only the tip of the iceberg. Besides the blood collecting container, all such home health test kits in this category normally include disinfectant wipes, a sterile lancet, plasters and a form of collector, usually an absorbent device.


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