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Everyone knows that in Internet Marketing, getting traffic to your website is vital. There are a variety of ways to make this happen for you, some work better than others, a few are time intensive, others take little time can bring great rewards.

One way to increase the number of visitors to your website is to find forums where the subject matter is closely related to the goods or services that you're offering and make posts there. This form of generating traffic is called-oddly enough-forum posting.

Let's say you love hamsters. You breed them, you raise them and you sell them. You even make little hamster outfits for your little furry babies. You are the Hamster Whisperer. Now you've put up a website to talk about your love of hamsters and to sell little homemade hamster wheels and hamster costumes for all occasions. You need traffic to your website in order to bring in the big bucks.

You find other hamster lovers out there on the web. You visit their blogs, forums and web pages. When you visit, you leave comments and at the end of your comments in your signature line make sure there's a link to your Hamster Heaven website. Once you've established yourself in Hamster circles as the Hamster expert, your traffic will increase.

Since you know a lot about Hamsters you can write expert articles on Hamster food, Hamster health, Hamster accessories, Hamster breeding and raising. In fact, you should write articles on all aspects of hamsters, from cages to how to travel with your tiny pets. Put these articles on your website, refer to them in your posts on the forums where other hamster-loving posters post.

Now of course we're just using the whole Hamster Whisperer thing as an example. More than likely your Internet business involves something other than hamsters, but you get the idea. You need to search out blogs and forums and join in the conversations about whatever it is that you yourself are marketing. Be careful not to go stomping into a new forum and spam them with posts about your website. Take it slow and easy. Make connections and make friends. Be patient. Once you've established a rapport with the members of that forum, they'll be more interested in what you have to say as well as becoming curious about your website and what you have to offer.

Confidence is attractive and everyone wants to be associated with a winner, so be confident in your postings but not abrasive. Always make sure that your signature line carries a link to your website and if space allows, a teaser about something you have to offer the readers. If you're running a sale on special hamster food, make mention of it there.

There is software available that will help you find and post to forums in a particular niche that you specify-in this case, all things hamsters. Making use of such software can greatly cut down the time it takes to read and post on forums in order to generate traffic back to your website.


Source by Brian Edmondson

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