Free and Easy Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are a common condition. Also called piles, this is when the veins in the rectal area swell and become uncomfortable, painful, and can sometimes bleed. An estimated 10 million people in the US alone are said to be affected by it. If you are one of them, then you must be one of those eagerly looking for the best treatment there is.

There are various ways to cure hemorrhoids. They are dealt with by using medications as well as non-conventional methods. However, before delving further on these cures, perhaps the best way to face piles is by preventing them from happening. Or, if you already have them, practice some free and easy habits that will naturally alleviate their symptoms.


Your diet can be a simple form of pile treatment. You should stay away from processed foods and increase your intake of fresh ones instead. Eat a lot of cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Eat everything that is rich in fiber. Fiber will not only help you detoxify but also help you move bowel easily. When you have a regular bowel movement, you prevent constipation which can cause the rectal veins to swell.

Aside from eating a lot of fresh foods and fiber, you must increase your water intake too. It will have the same effect on your bowel movement.


It may not sound related, but exercising regularly can actually prevent constipation. It helps reduce the pressure on your veins. In addition, it lessens your time just sitting down and slacking off. If you didn’t know yet, sitting down for a long time may cause piles. The position puts a lot of pressure on your anus because your weight concentration is there. If you take time to exercise, you can prevent this from happening.

Now, if you have a job which requires you to always sit down, you should do some stretching even just for five minutes every hour. Stand up or walk around. By doing so, you can decrease your risk of developing piles.

Toilet Habits

Go when you have to. Don’t make it wait. Making it wait until you have done everything you needed might eventually lead to constipation. When you constipate, you would have to push harder. When you push harder, your veins might swell. To make sure that you won’t have to go through all the hassle, go when you have to.

Now, when in the process of bowel movement, you should practice some caution in pushing too. Learn how to prevent yourself from putting too much strain on your anus as it may lead to piles. Ideally, you should be done with your business in less than five minutes. Any time longer than that is too much. You should also ensure to wipe just adequately-not too hard nor too long. This may sound simple, but it makes a great preventive treatment for hemorrhoids.

Planning your diet, exercising, and being more conscious about your toilet habits can all be a form of treatment for piles. They are easy, effective, and what’s more, free!


Source by John Lim Cher Sern

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