Free Chicken Coop Plans – Are They Worth the Trouble?


Do you raise chickens on your house backyard? Many people may not consider getting bantams as pets. They would rather get a dog, cat, hamster, parrot etc. In actual fact, there are many benefits in raising your own chickens. The main benefit is the fresh and delicious eggs produced by the hens. Do you know a healthy hen can produce up to 5 eggs every week? If you have half a dozen hens, the eggs they produce will be more than enough for your household consumption. However, because of their small size, chickens are always exposed to predator attacks. To keep them safe, it is advisable to build a house for them to live in.

There are numerous free chicken coop plans on the internet. Most are free to download while others you have to pay for. If you can get the design blueprints for free, why would you want to pay for it? Here’s the thing, there is no free lunch on the web! If you were to build your own house, would you go to an architect that gives you free advice? How accurate do you think the plans will be? Not all free stuff on the web is garbage, some are good material. If you have the time, you can spend couple of hours looking through countless free blueprints.

If you are serious about building a pretty, functional and sturdy chicken coop for your poultry, it may be a good idea to invest on a good design guide. A good plan will save you time and reduce unnecessary wastage in your DIY chicken housing. Most paid chicken coop designs would come with a support portal. If you should need any support or advice, you can just send them an email.


Source by Kathy O’Connor

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