Funny Things Pets Do to Get Our Attention



When it comes to getting out attention, children and pets are quite the experts. However, since most of us expect children to go out of their way way to get us to notice them, we are not as surprised or as astounded as when our pets pull off some great feat just to say, "Here I am". Here are but a few of the things that have pet owners cracking up.

As cat lovers know, our cute feline buddies have a thing about sleeping in places you just can not ignore. Among them are actual parts of our bodies when we are in the middle of doing something sometimes not so physically active, for instance sitting at a computer or reading a book. It is not entirely uncommon to see a cat owner working at a computer with a cat dangling from a shoulder, or lying on a bed with a book and to see a cat on the pillow wrapped around it's owners head. For those who have had cats for a while, having one perched, hanging, or nesting on some part of their bodies is natural, kind of like wearing jewelry or clothes.

Dogs are also clear communicators when it comes to asking their owners for acknowledgment. Very often in a quite verbal manner, either by whining, whimpering, and, yes, even barking, dogs will always achieve their goal in getting the attention they want. However, they can do much more than that when they want the job done right, such as a harmless nip on the butt or possibly sitting right in front of the TV. When there is a baby in the house, some have been known to follow the baby around in the hopes of stealing away some of the attention.

In the case of birds, many are genuinely surprised to find out that their feathered friends are second to none in this particular issue. Different kinds of birds are also well-known for their singular abilities where catching attention is concerned. Do not forget some of these cuts can talk, and when they do, they do not beat around the bush. After all, I'm sure many would agree that hearing your parrot use phrases like, "I'm here moron" will certainly do the trick and send the message home.

One last thing to consider is that if your pet is going to great lengths to get your attention, it is possible you are not spending enough time with them and therefore should devote a little more time to just hanging out with them.

If you're tired of the same old game of fetch and are stumped as to new games you can play, there are lots of fantastic toys you can try out. Maybe they just want some good old-fashioned pampering, and there are lots of fruits that will accomplish just that. Check out some really great Pet Gadgets, from training aids to toy trees; furniture to grooming products. You'll find a way to give your pets the extra attention they seek.

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