Further Musings of a Bewildered Psychic


Believer vs. Disbeliever In my earlier post I gave an introduction to the paranormal, described a few psychic abilities through the clair-talents, provided a brief history of psychics, and then covered some of the more modern psychics. Whether or not one believes or does not of moot concern when you consider that everyone possesses some form of psychic ability in one way or another.

The difference between the believer and the non-believer is strictly a matter of how in touch one is with their higher being; the spiritual self. As I've witnessed over the years, sometimes it's a good thing some people are not in touch and in a way have chosen to be so. I say chosen because, every person that is born to this life does so with an agenda in mind; that is to learn in this classroom called Earth.

I am alone here to persuade nor convince a disbeliever to become a believer. My purpose is to kindly support and affirm a believer's or a soon to be believer's mind in their process of discovery. If a person is not ready to accept the next step, then he / she is simply not ready and should never be forced to accept what they are otherwise not ready for. It can never be stated enough that we are all here to learn our own lessons no matter where that path they may lead us.

Earth is a spiritual classroom where souls come to experience things that could not otherwise be experienced. We are here to learn new concepts which are then integrated into the awareness of our higher being. In a way, giving reference to a higher being does not quite capture the essence of our true spirit. The fact is that the term "higher being" is only a reference point and not an absolute. The absolute is the sum of our whole being; body, mind, and spirit together.

Absolutes As corporeal animals with body and mind here on Earth, we have a strong tendency to define and be defined in terms of absolutes. For instance, we go to college to be educated and extremely be given a degree. That degree confers to the graduate certain absolutes we have come to expect as given facts.

Many times though, we have come to understand that the degree does not necessarily wholly mean what it was designed for. After all, there are Psychiatrists who sometimes have a in contradiction and erratic manner. Then again, there are those who have risen to great heights with little to no education. Despite the infrequent aberrant behavior from the norm, we still cling to education as an absolute indicator or worth and talent.

Does this automatically infer that there are no absolutes? Absolutely not, absolutes provide the framework for growth, just like a baby grabs hold of a chair or other prop to assist in standing. Sometimes, when the baby is able to stand on its own, he / she will no longer need props to stand. When props are no longer necessary, a new absolute takes its place; legs and feet become means of locomotion. In this manner we could consider absolutes as tools (framework) for greater growth.

Higher Self and Being Bearing in mind that absolutes are a means to an end and not an end to a means, so are we in relationship to our "higher self". The concept of a higher self stems from the need to define a part of ourselves in absolute measures of greater, lesser, higher, or lower values. As a result it becomes a compartmentalized representation of who weought to be rather than who we are.

This rigid compartmentalized way of thinking has become so prevalent as to be considered an absolute institution unto it's self. This institutionalized thinking is both a corruption of the spirit and a necessary evil if life is to exist here on earth. A corruption due in great part to its inhibition of abstract creativity, a necessary evil because not all people are capable of or should be capable of anything greater than concrete reasoning.

Like the child who has just taken his / her very first steps, there is a moment of confusion and uncertainty with this new ability. At this point the child will either grant the new concept of standing or walking, or will will simply revert back to using props to sustain his / her efforts. In the later, the infant has chosen to become overwhelmed by his / her surroundings instead of overcoming them. They (the infant) became, as it were, a part of the fixtures at this point; ne succeeding nor receding.

As created beings, we in turn possess the inherent needs and abilities to create and evolve. When we sleep, our dreams, rich in symbolism, help to drive us closer to the truth of who we are. Some of us will heed the call to merge with the infinite, while others may give a perfunctory acknowledgment at best and move on, while others ignore it completely. In all, just a matter of whom and what we have chosen to be in this life and the lessons we choose to learn.

Saints and Sinners Alike

What exactly is a saint? According to tradition, a saint is an individual of exceptional holiness who is an important aesthetic symbol of merit in many religions, particularly Christianism. In addition Christianity, Hindus have their own version of saints, as do ancient religions which used the term demigod to refer to special half god and half human like individuals. For the most part, Saints and Demigods alike are considered to be on par with superhuman abilities.

On the other hand, sinners are considered those reeking in moral turpitude. That is, lacking good character and integrity normally expected of a human being. Unlike saints who are adored for their virtues, sinners are abhorred for the lack of them. Wretched, greedy and godless; with little or no regard for any sensible shred of human dignity. Today's psychiatric terminology would label them as antisocial personalities, sociopaths, and / or psychopaths.

Saints and sinners have one thing in common; both serve the purpose of providing a stark contrast to right and wrong. After all, for the sake of being human, how else would we know light if there is no darkness and darkness if there is no light? Each has their reason for existing and a greater knowledge to unfold.

Destiny Does this mean that we're predestined to live a life in black and white? Not in the least, there are as many colors as the world can hold. Just because we have chosen the life we ​​will lead here and now, does not mean we will follow a direct path between X and Y. Think of it as being on a cruise ship, with the captain steering and oversees the journey as it progresses . In the mean time we're free to walk about and interact with the other passengers. The only difference is that we have a general agreement and understanding of where we are headed and the lessons to be learned along the way.

A well known psychic made a statement a while back that really caught my attention. She said, "Each of us has been given five waypoints in life where we will be provided with the opportunity to live or die." At that moment I realized just how disingenuous this psychic really was. The fact is, there is no such thing as five waypoints in life for anything let alone our demise. We may have an idea of ​​what, when, where and why, but it is not a waypoint by any means.

The creator has created and in that creation creates in return. In this way we are all like artists working in a strange medium we call life. We craft every curve and nuance in whatever manner of our choosing. It is through the act of creation that we unleash our true passions upon the world. Every stroke capturing a moment in time of who we are and building upon the next of which we are becoming. Therein is the one and only absolute in life and that is that the creation exists to become a creator.

Strange as it May Seem Anyone who has taken the time to embark on a spiritual journey has always come upon a moment similar to a child's first steps. It is a moment filled with all sorts of emotions; the joy of a new revelation, the fear of uncertainty, and most of all the confusion of facing a new form of reality. It's a daunting challenge for even the most adept and willing of humanity to take in let alone an overwhelming fright for those caught unprepared.

One of my very first inklings of having psychic abilities came during a bible study meeting at a friend's house. During the meeting I was suddenly overcome with a strange emotion of dread and sorrow. As these feelings persisted I started to look within for an answer. Just as quickly as these feelings had enveloped me, so did the answer, "Say a warm goodbye to your friend tonight, this will be the last time you'll see her." Can we say dumbfounded and dismayed?

Reluctantly believing what I had just been told, I still managed to say a fond goodbye as though it would be the last time we would see each other. That Sunday, upon arriving at church, another close friend approached me with some very sad news. My friend, it turns out, suffered a stroke the night before and passed over unexpectedly. As sad as I was at her passing I was also betrayed by a sense of guilt for not having said or done anything to prevent it. Again, a voice came from saying, "The information was not intended to save her life, it was given for you to say a final goodbye. This was the time she had chosen to depart and her life here was complete."

Well, talk about learning to stand, for me this was the equivalent of skipping that part and going all the way to flight school without a learner's permission. I've always known that the other side had a tremendous sense of humor, but good grief, can we start out a little simpler next time? How about a hamster or gold fish, something a little easier to handle? But hey, sometimes it's true; it's easier to get my attention with a baseball bat than a toothpick any day.

I'm a Psychic What? As strange as it may have seemed with my introduction to the psychic realm, my next introduction proved to be even stranger. Having been born and raised in the Catholic tradition, nothing prepared me for accepting anything of this realm except that "special" abilities were relegated and reserved for the privileged few called Saints or Priests. I could see my guides, rolling up their sleeves and grinning ear to ear saying, "You think that's special, let's just blow that one out of the water with the next one."

Again, during a prayer meeting we were all gathered around in a circle with our eyes closed in prayer. As my eyes were closed I suddenly received a vision of a heart made of stone. For some reason I felt composed to send prayers and energy to this heart. As my prayers and energy entered the heart made of stone I not aware a minority change to flesh. My first reaction at this point was "neat", my second was "how can this be?"

At this point I decided to do a little reality check. From my spirit I said, "Lord, if this is really real I'm going to open my eyes and look around. If this vision is still there when I close my eyes again, I will continue until finished." Eyes open, eyes closed, again the vision still there; so much for reality. As the vision continued the heart completely changed to flesh. Just then, one of the members of the group started to sob like a baby. His tears were such that one of the ladies in the group asked him what had happened. His response was that for the first time in his life he could actually feel. It turned out that for most of his life he had always feigned emotions when he was actually cold inside.

No, I did not immediately go to the roof top and shout, "I'm a psychic healer!" Rather, I quietly thank God for a miracle that day, walked on with a renewed joy in my heart, and feeling a little chagrined that my perceptions had been challenged once again. After all, only Saints were supposed to be able to pull off such feats, and I was anything but a Saint.

This was not the last time that gift of healing was used. In another prayer session at another church some 50 miles away from home, I received another vision. This time the vision was that of a heart, tired and worn with a tar like substance coating the surface and penetrating deep. Again, prayer and healing energies, and again; a heart made of flesh, clean and refreshed. This time a gentleman imprisoned behind me in the group began to cry. The leader of the group asked him what had just happened, to which the young man said, "I had always been very bitter with lots of hatred pent up inside. Suddenly, for some reason, that all went away."

I do not mention this to draw attention to any special abilities I might possess. Rather, I share this so others may know that it does exist and can happen. Everyone as a spiritual being has this capacity, the capacity to send healing intentions and have them answered. Discovering those abilities latent in our selves is as easy as accepting in substance that what we once thought was the center of the universe is a new concept altogether.

Mystic or Madman Not long ago if someone reported hearing voices that they would have been immediately locked up, tied down, and taken to take antipsychotic medications along with a few other choice barbaric treatments. Even today there are people being unwittingly shut away and medicated for the same or less infraction; mostly out of ignorance and a ready willingness to stay so. How do we know where to draw the line between mystic and madman, and better yet; how can we be certain? Questions like these not only give pause to thought, but also beg for a greater degree of attention, understanding and compassion.

Recently, while channel surfing, I happened upon a very interesting documentary series that featured psychic teens and the dilemmas they faced, not only in understanding the gifts that they were given but also the many difficulties encountered with friends and family members. During one of the interviews, a young lady related how she had been shuffled off to a doctor who was strangely locked her up for observation and prescribed various medicines. All in an attempt to quiet the voices and visions she purportedly experienced.

Was this young lady in fact having a psychotic break with reality? As it turned out she was not having a psychotic break after all. Her affect was appropriate, speech coherent and logical, demeanor composed and alert to her environment, and overall what appeared to be an abnormal normal and healthy 17 year old. Part of this psychic retreat was to provide validation and encouragement in the development of their newly discovered talents.

In one segment, a group of four or five teens were taken to a covered bridge and asked to describe what they sensed and / or saw there. As each started to describe their random impressions my attention was drawn to the rafters of the bridge. I was told that there was a hanging that took place there many years ago. Just as the readings started to come to a close I was wondering if anyone in the group would pick up on that impression. All of a sudden, the young lady who had been hospitalized looked up and mentioned the impression of a hanging that took place there.

Later, the young women presented their findings to a local historian who then proceeded to validate their findings. It turns out that a hanging did occur there when two brothers had been hung for horse theft. Was it just a coincidence? Perhaps, but if I were a betting man I do not think I'd take the odds of two people independently picking up on exactly the same facts for the same place in question.

Of course, there are still those that please astronomical odds will continue to claim it's nothing more than a cheap parlor trick. That's okay; sometimes they'll figure it out and hop onboard, maybe not in this lifetime, perhaps the next. In the mean time I'll share what I know, if someone finds something to add to their understanding; all the more better.

Conclusion Although some of this may seem a little disjointed and out of place, there is a method to my madness. In this series we've explored the concepts of believers, disbelievers, saints, healers, mystics and madmen. However we choose to view these abstractions of personality, they are still simply a role each of us has chosen before entering into this life. The fact that we assign absolute definitions of greater, lesser, higher, lower, etc. has little to do with who we are outside a 3D universe.

To ascend in the understanding of our true spiritual nature requires that we suspend, for a moment, the notion of an absolute dimensional existence. True, we do live in a finite world of absolutes that has taught us that the only reality is that which we can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. As psychics, we have transcended the finite envelope of this world and touched the infinite spirit of hope and love. Yet, even as corporeal beings tethered to this world, we must translate as best we can; these wondrous sites into 3D understanding.

As many of us have come to experience, translating the infinite to the finite can takes its toll. Depending on the politics of the moment, a psychic could be heralded as a saint or condemned as a sinner. Modern psychiatry has progressed considering in recent times but still remains shrouded in darkness and uncertainty. We are, after all, more than the sum of an absolute and definable mind; we are a spirit as well, connected to the infinite as a whole.


Source by Michele Francoise Gerard

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