Get Pregnant Fast With These 7 Helpful Tips


So you and your partner have finally decided to settle down and start a family. There is one problem, though, you can not get pregnant fast.

No need to panic. Many women are experiencing this same issue with fertility when they can not get pregnant as easily as other women. There may be something that you are doing wrong or an obvious reason that you may have overlooked is the condition of your health.

To increase the possibility for you to get pregnant fast, start by improving your health. Try a number of recommended methods and get as healthy as you can be. From there, you can work your way to your goal to get pregnant fast with some of these 7 helpful tips:

  1. Work On Your Health – A good way to start getting healthy and preparing yourself for pregnancy is by taking essential vitamins and minerals to boost fertility such as folic acid. This is a vitamin that is essential during the development period of the baby. You need to quit taking caffeine foods and drinks and smoking as this can result in a miscarriage. You should also maintain an ideal weight because pregnancy is hard to occur when you are under or overweight.
  2. Keep Track of Your Cycle – Your ovulation cycle is important to determine the right days when to have sex. Keeping a chart of your basal body temperature is helpful to get pregnant fast as it determines when you are ovulating. You will know when you are fertile and ovulating through a slight raise in your body temperature.
  3. Eliminate Stress – Stress is a key factor to cause infertility. It can cause irregularities in your ovulation cycle. The less stressed you are, the easier it is to get pregnant fast. One great way to reduce stress is to enjoy your intimate time with your partner.
  4. Experiment on Proper Positions – Some people believe that there are certain positions during sexual intervention that can affect the flow of sperm into the woman's uterus and help one get pregnant fast. There are no medical studies to verify this fact but it can not hurt to try. One position that is known to deliver the sperm closest to the cervix is ​​the missionary position.
  5. Check Your Partner – It would not be fair if you alone take full responsibility in dealing with infertility issues. There is a chance that your partner could also have some problems such as low sperm count. This can be the result of rising temperature in the groin area. Tell your partner to wear boxers, put his laptop on the table or avoid other habits that can potentially endanger his sperm count.
  6. Allow Sperm to Travel Easier – You can increase your chance to get pregnant fast by helping your partner's sperm travel easily towards your vagina and into your uterus. If you are using vaginal sprays, douches, and spotted tampons, these make your reproductive health more hostile to sperm. You should also avoid using lubricants that can potentially damage sperm.
  7. Quit Using Contraceptives – If you've been using birth control pills, you need to stop it before you try to get pregnant. In the first month that you stop using hormonal birth control, there is a possibility that you can already become pregnant and get pregnant.


Source by Alice J. Johnson

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