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Hamsters are a very docile and beautiful pets but unfortunately illnesses take place. Amongst some illnesses there is Glaucoma which is very similar to a Prolapse of the eye / s. Glaucoma affects the eyes of the hamster and its symptoms are that the eye will appear larger than normal hamsters' eyes.

When Glaucoma takes place there is an increased amount of fluid within the eyeball which will lead to loss of vision. The affected hamster will rub the eye and the eye may become so big that it prolapses from the socket.

Glaucoma can be a result of rough handling, fighting or from being held too tight from the scruff. Avoid holding the hamster from the scruff as this could cause your hamsters' eye / sa glaucoma. Hamsters naturally have big eyesballs to be able to spot predictors and Glaucoma should not be misinterpreted by this.

Unfortunately there is no specific treatment for this illness and early referral to a vet is important as the vet can prescribe painkillers if a lot of pain is shown on the hamster.

As earlier outlined Glaucoma may lead to loss of vision but this is not a big problem as a hamster's eye sight is very poor as hamsters quite mostly on their sense of smell and hearing. Affected hamsters should not be used for breeding. An eye ointment prescribed by a good vet may be used several times daily to keep the eye moist so that the hamster would feel much better.


Source by Nadia Vella

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