Good Foods to Help Lower Cholesterol and Prevent Heart Disease


High cholesterol can lead to many serious health risks, the most deadly being heart disease. Statistics have shown that cholesterol is the leading contributor of heart disease, clogged arteries and leads to an increased risk of a stroke. The main culprit is bad cholesterol in the body known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL). In fact, LDL is the main cause of many heart problems. To prevent this from happening, a change in diet may be necessary. Read on to find out what foods you should be eating. And those that you should be avoiding.

We will begin with the foods that you should avoid or cut back on. Try not to consume foods that contain a large amount of saturated fats and trans-fats. These fats are mostly found in fast food and canned foods. You should avoid margarine or baked goods that contain hydrogenated vegetable oil too. Do not eat fatty cuts of poultry and meats, although the lean cuts are fine. And cut back on foods that contain high amount of sugar.

As for healthy foods that can help lower cholesterol, you should add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Most fruit and vegetables are cholesterol-free, so eating them can actually help to lower your cholesterol levels. Change to whole grain breads and cereals for breakfast, using low fat or skim milk. Yogurt and sour cream are good too. Instead of eating meat, you should eat skinless chicken and fish but avoid frying them. Nuts and garlic are some of the best foods to help drive down your cholesterol, so taking them in reasonable amount is highly recommended.

Make sure you also stock up on high fiber foods as well. They help absorb cholesterol from your bloodstream. Consider eating foods that have a high amount of omega-3 in them as this is one of the best ways to increase your good cholesterol – otherwise known as HDL (high density lipoprotein).

If you want to go a step further, you can consider taking supplements that contain ingredients such as policosanol and lecithin oil. The combination of these beneficial ingredients can help lower your bad LDL without raising your blood sugar levels in the process. They can also help increase the good HDL levels and reduce cholesterol absorption from foods. There you have it – the list of foods that can help to lower your cholesterol so you can enjoy good health longer. For more tips on ways to lower cholesterol, visit my website.


Source by John L. Johnson

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