Guinea Pig Petting – 3 Essential Tips


Few pets are as enjoyable and entertaining to own as cavies. They love to be stroked and handled, making them perfect for children and grown ups looking for a rewarding, affectionate pet.

These 3 pieces of advice will give you the knowledge to hold your animals in a safe, enjoyable way:

1. Hold Them Safely

A great thing about guinea pigs is that they are much happier to be petted than other small animals such as hamsters. Having said that, sometimes they will try to jump out of your arms, and this can lead to you accidentally dropping them. As you can guess, this could potentially be harmful to your guinea pig’s delicate body.

In order to reduce this danger, you should hold your cavies close to a soft surface, for example your lap, carpet, or a table or surface with a towel on it. That way if they do fall, they won’t get hurt.

2. Help Children Handle Them Safely

Cavies make fantastic pets for children because they are quite undemanding care for, and really enjoy being petted and stroked. On the other hand, because of their size, young children can have trouble handling them.

If your children have guinea pigs but can’t hold them properly, it is often best if you hold the pet for them, and allow them to stroke it. In this way, you can allow your kids to spend quality time with their cavies until they are old enough to hold them on their own.

3. Don’t Tire Them Out

For the most part, cavies are more than happy to sit on your lap or be petted for long periods of time. Having said that, at some point they will get tired and want to go back in their cage.

When your guinea pigs get to this stage they will start to fidget around, and perhaps try to leap off your lap. When this happens, you should put your guinea pig back in its cage and leave it to get some time to itself – don’t worry, it will be angling to come out and be stroked again in no time!


Source by Pete L Matthews

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