Guinea Pigs Care



Guinea pigs are a popular choice of pet for busy households as they are relatively easy care, good natured and a pet that children with supervision can handle. As ca vies are small in size, they don’t require a lot of room and are lower cost to maintain compared to another choice of pet like a dog.

Cavies are naturally a herd animal and enjoy the company of their own.  When considering acquiring a cavy consider getting two or more as they will keep each other company.  They do not like being on there own, and will require a considerable amount of your attention daily or they become lonely.  

If you are unable to share allot of time daily it’s best for your pet to have a partner or partners.

They are born fully developed at birth and cared for by their mums, but are up and moving around on their own the day after they are born.

Guinea pigs care not only means ensuring that they are healthily and disease free, but also obtaining the required exercise, the right type of nourishing food, water and a supply of chew toys all wrapped in with an appropriate size cage.  

  • Provide your cavy with out of the cage time, in a safe and interesting environment. 
  • They  can appear calm on the outside and be highly stressed on the inside.
  • Avoid stress full situations like loud noises, inappropriate cage mates and exposure to unfamiliar herds.
  • Grooming upkeep is required at least once a week for short haired and more for longer hair.
  • Examine their toenails and keep trimmed and provide different substrate for them to stand on and wear them down.
  • As their teeth are constantly growing, they require chew twigs and unstained wooden chew block.
  • Avoid using wheels and exercise balls as they are a health hazard for you pet!
  • Weekly weigh your pet and monitor their weight as a change in weight can indicate health problems.

Keep these tips in mind, but doing a through research and understanding your pets needs will help you in providing excellent guinea pigs care.


Source by Jodi Adams

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