Hamster Breeders – Where to Go and What to Look For



If you are considering purchasing a hamster, you have many options available to you. For instance, if you just want to go out and get any hamster, there are loads of pet stores, and department stores with pet departments, that sell hamsters and accessories at reasonable low prices.

Or, you may want to consider purchasing your hamster from a breeder who specializes in breeding only hamsters. If you are interested in taking this route, but do not know where to look, just search Google for "hamster breeders" and you will find some useful links. When searching for a hamster breeder, it can be difficult to tell who is reputable and who is not, and there are certain things you will want to do before making any commitments to buy from any breeder.

Do not buy any hamster sight unseen!

Even if you are answering an ad, whether it be over the telephone or Internet, it is not wise to make any commitments until you have actually seen the animal. You also need to make sure that you have the hamster's health checked by a vet, and if possible, inquire about the genetic history of the animal.

Know your stuff!

Before purchasing a hamster (or any animal, for that matter), you should be well-informed about the breed of hamster you are purchasing, as well as the quality of the breeding facilities. Know the difference between the appearance of healthy and unhealthy hamsters, and bring a list of questions for the breeder. If the hamster does not look healthy to you, do not take the breeder's word that it is. If he or she is evasive, or is not knowledgeable about the breed, you may want to consider checking out another breeder.

Check out the breeding environment!

This is extremely important. If the area is not clean and well-ventilated, you may be looking at future health problems. Also, check to see if there is plenty of food and water for the hamsters. The hamsters should be alert looking, with clear eyes. The hamsters should also be a healthy size and weight.

Have everything ready for your new pet!

Before you actually buy a hamster, make sure you have everything you need for the care and comfort of your new pet, including proper cages, accessories, food, and any information you need about the care of hamsters.

Do not buy a hamster on impulse!

If you visit a breeder with the intentions of bringing home a hamster that very day, you will probably do just that, no matter if the hamster is the right pet or not. Do not get a hamster just because it is cute and has a fun personality … as stated above, you must make sure that the animal is in good health. Make sure it is vet checked.

By following these simple steps, you can be assured that you will be bringing home a healthy pet, and with the proper information, you will be able to maintain the health and happiness of your hamster.


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