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There are many different hamster breeds found in pet shops around the world, but the most common types are Syrian, Chinese, Russian dwarf, Campbell dwarf, Dwarf Winter White, and Roborovski dwarf. Each of these hamsters has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the other breeds. This article will focus on the Syrian hamster and the Chinese hamster, which is often mistaken for a dwarf.

Syrian Hamsters

Syrian hamsters are also known as ‘teddy bear hamsters’ and is the most popular breed in pet stores around the world. They endear themselves to children because they are easy to handle, thus making wonderful pets for the family. Syrian hamsters are not very social when it comes to their own kind. They should be kept alone after 10 weeks and should be separated, each to it’s own cage. Problems might occur if they are grouped together, including fighting or even killing each other.

Syrian hamsters are the largest of the hamster breeds, and can reach up to 7 inches in length when fully grown. Female Syrian hamsters normally grow larger than the males. They are characterized by their large cheek pouches, short tail and small eyes, and can live up to 2 to 2 ½ years.

Chinese Hamsters

These are also known as Chinese striped hamsters or just plain striped hamsters. These types of hamster breeds are generally not quite as social. Owners may find it hard to group or pair them together, thus individually housing them is highly recommended. However, there are instances where the owner has been successful in pairing them together. They may be hostile toward each other, but they are timid and good-natured towards people. Like any other hamster breed, Chinese hamsters are nocturnal animals.

Most often than not, Chinese hamsters are mistaken for dwarf hamsters because of their small size. The average adult size is 4 inches and they have a body that is slender and long – similar to that of a mouse or rat. The most common colors of a Chinese hamster are agouti coat in dark brown. There is a black line along the spine and an ivory colored stomach. Other possible colors include a dominant spot along with a white coat. Like other hamsters, a Chinese hamster’s life span averages up to 2 years.


Source by Russ Fleederman

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