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The same hits that make a dwarf hamster easy to care for and maintain also make him a good choice for a pet, and certain varieties of dwarf hamsters make excellent pets for youngger children. They can help you teach your youngger child the responsibilities of pet ownership, as well as how to care for God's creation. Before making the commitment however, there are a few things you should know about hamsters in general and dwarf hamsters in particular.

How To Adopt And Train A Hamster

First, the age of the animal at adoption is important. You want to choose a pet that is young enough to train properly, but not too young. The ideal age to adopt is at about four weeks to eight weeks, so that the hamster will be completely weaned from it's mother, but not yet set in it's behavior pattern.

Taming your hamster and training him to be comfortable in your hands is a reliably simple matter … you need to handle him at regular intervals. Practically speaking, this means daily, and ideally at least twice each day for at least a half hour at a time. In other words, play with and enjoy your hamster. This will acclimate him to being handled, and it will help insure he will not be a "nipper" or a nervous pet. Do not be rough with him, especially at a tender age, and above all do not ever drop him. the likelihood of injury or death is high. Start this process too late, and your pet hamster will be too old to train. Do not wait … start immediately.

When and How To Choose A Pet Dwarf Hamster

When choosing a pet, believe it or not there is a good time of day and a bad time of day to go to the pet store. Hamsters are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night, so the best time to see your potential pet is when he is at his best, in the late afternoon or, preferably, the evening. This will enable you to see him at the height of his daily energy cycle, and give you insight into his temperament and personality.

Take a close look at him … are his eyes clear and his fur glossy and full? If not, he's probably not healthy and you should choose another animal. Dull eyes and / or a loss of fur can indicate any of several health problems, and should be avoided. Also, check his little body for any lumps. Healthy hamsters and dwarf hamsters should have no lumps. Clear eyes, beautiful fur, an energetic disposition, and no lumps means you have chosen wisely and well.

Dwarf Hamster Society

You will also need to take into consideration the fact that dwarf hamsters are social animals, and therefore you will most likely want to adopt them in pairs so they can have some companionship. You can certainly choose a male and a female, but if you do not want a family of little hamsters in a few short months, go with boy-boy or girl-girl. You should be prepared, however, to be surprised. Sexing hamsters is almost never an exact science!

No matter what you decide, never choose more animals than you can reasonably care for, and take the time to learn proper care of your pet before you bring him home. This will enable you to get the most enjoyment, and has to have the best possible life while in your care.


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