Hamsters – 3 Essential Ways to Care For Them


In the wild, hamsters are able to fend for themselves wonderfully, finding everything they need on the land around them. However, when they are kept as pets, they do not have access to this wide range of resources, so you must provide them with the things they need. The following three areas cover the most important ways that you must care for your hamster on a regular basis:

1. Giving Them Food And Water

Hamsters should be given a new bowl of food every day. Hamster mix can be bought in any pet store, and is a dry feed made up from a number of different fruits and vegetables, to provide your pet with all the nutrients it needs to stay fit and healthy. Even if your hamster's bowl still has food left over from yesterday, you should throw this away and give him a fresh bowl every day. Do this once a day each evening as your pet wakes up.

You should also ensure that your hamster's water bottle is always filled. Again, replace the water daily, but also check it several times throughout the day to make sure it has not run dry.

2. Cleaning Its Cage

As animals go, hamsters are very clean creatures. However, they still make a mess, and it is essential that this is cleared up on a regular basis. Each week, give the cage a thorough clean out. Throw away all the old bedding, and replace it with fresh, clean stuff. You should also keep an eye on any food stashes that your hamster keeps – these can rot after a couple of days, so they should be cleared out and thrown away often.

When replacing your hamster's bedding, it is also a good idea to put a bit of his old bedding in the cage with him. He will be able to detect his scent on it, which will make him feel at home more quickly.

3. Taking It For Regular Health Checks

Hamsters, like humans, will become ill from time to time. And as with humans, the best course of action is to take them to a professional. Every week, when you clean your hamster's cage, you should also give your hamster a good examination to see if he looks healthy, or if you spot anything that you have not noticed before. You should also examine his droppings to see if they are unusually runny, or if there are not as many as usual. Either can suggest a diet problem.

If you spot any problems, you should take your hamster to the local vet as soon as possible. They will be able to give your hamster proper checks, diagnose the problem, and provide advice and / or medicine to ensure your pet is fit and healthy again as soon as possible.

Caring for your hamster need not be a difficult task, but it does require you to perform certain tasks on a regular basis. These will all help to keep your pet healthy and happy.


Source by Paul G Watkins

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