Hamsters – The 3 Main Types of Food to Feed Your Hamster



As with humans, hamsters have varying tastes, and will prefer certain types of food over other types. However, also like humans, it is also important that your hamster has a balanced diet, so that it gets all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and active.

It is also essential to avoid giving your hamster foods which can cause it harm. A hamster’s digestive system is very different from a human’s, so there are certain types of food that they cannot stomach. You should also avoid feeding your hamster sticky or sharp foods, as these can cause damage to the food pouches in their cheeks.

Here’s a rundown of the 3 main types of food that you can feed to your hamster:

1. Hamster Mix

Walk into any pet shop and you will find big bags of dried food designed specially for hamsters. This mixture usually consists of a range of grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, and is tailored specifically to a hamster’s nutritional needs. As such it will provide your pet with the majority of the goodness it needs. Even better, it is extremely easy to serve – just scoop some into your hamster’s feeding bowl, pop it in the cage and you’re done!

2. Fruit and Veg

Your hamster will get a lot of fruit and vegetables in its hamster mix, but these creatures also love fresh foods. They are particularly fond of apples, bananas, grapes, broccoli, carrots, celery, cucumber, and potato chunks. When first giving your hamster fresh fruit or veg, it is important to introduce them into the diet gradually. If you give them too much too soon, their bodies will not be used to it, and this can lead to diarrhoea. Instead, give your pet one small chunk per week, and gradually build it up to a piece a day over a period of a few weeks.

3. Treats

In the same way that humans love to snack on something naughty every now and then, so do hamsters. But that doesn’t mean you should feed your hamster the same gateau or chocolate that you ilke to eat, because these can cause harm to your pet. Instead, feed your hamster appropriate treats that they love, and can digest well. Good choices are sweet almonds, brazil nuts, dry sponge cake, fish, raisins, or cheese. Keep these treats irregular – perhaps once a week – or your pet will become too used to them, and may even grow fat!

By combining these 3 types of food in the right quantities, you can provide your hamster with all its nutritional requirements, as well as allowing it to have a tasty treat every now and again. This will keep your animal well-fed, happy, and healthy, which is exactly what all pet owners want!


Source by Paul G Watkins

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