Hamsters – The Best 3 Hamster Toys You Can Buy


Hamsters are fantastic pets for children because they are so energetic and keen to play. They are also reliably easy to care for, and can really teach children a lot about raising an animal.

Because they are so alert and lively, it is important that you give your hamsters sufficient toys to play with, so that they can exercise both their bodies and their minds. Here are the 3 most popular types of toys, and why each is important:

1. A Running Wheel

In the wild, hamsters are known to explore several miles every night in their search for food. Caged hamsters are just as active, and need a way to expel all of this energy. A running wheel is the perfect solution, because it allows your pet to do exactly what it would do in the wild without needing lots of space.

2. Houses and Tunnels

As active as they are, hamsters sometimes feel the need to hide away and have a little alone time. For this reason, it's essential to give them somewhere to go when they want to be on their own. Houses and tunnels provide great places for them to go for a bit of solitude.

3. Climbing Toys

Another thing that these little creatures love to do is to climb. You may find that your hamster develops a habit of climbing its cage bars. This is great, but you can make it even more enjoyable by giving them a selection of ladders, platforms, and routes to explore.

By providing your hamsters with a good selection of toys, they will be able to live even more active and enjoyable lives. Not only does this benefit them and their health, but it also makes them more likely to want to play – which is one of the reasons kids love them so much!


Source by Paul G Watkins

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