Hamsters – The Perfect Children's Pet


Breeding hamsters is a wonderful experience. Hamsters are the type of pets that are fun for everyone. Breeding hamsters can be an amazing learning experience for children. Hamsters do not take up much room, they do not eat or drink to much and they are very easy to care for. It will not be hard for you to make some space in your home for a small hamster family. If you find that you want to give a few of the babies to a new loving home, you will usually find that it is not very hard at all to find someone to adopt the cute little guys.

There are a few things to keep in mind when breeding hamsters. These tips will insure that the mother and here pups are happy, healthy and safe.

One of the first things that you should be aware of is that with many breeds of hamsters, the father has no "motherly" instincts whatever and may harm or even eat the young hamster pups. This is why it would be a wise choice to remove the father to a different living area towards the end of the mothers pregnancy.

Another tips to keep in mind is that the young pups may look cute but should not be touch until they are at least one month old. There are two reasons for this precaution. Newborn baby hamsters are very small and delicate. You may unknowingly hurt or even kill them by handling them to roughly. Another reason why you should not handle baby hamsters until they are older is because you will leave your scent on them. If the mother does not recognize her baby because of their new scent. If the mother does not recognize her pup she will stop feeding it and might even attack it if she feels a threat.

Those two tips are the most important. Aside from them you should try and leave the hamsters home alone for a month or two. You can clean the cage by removing solid beading and scooping up excess feces. Keep the food bowl and drinking cup full, the mother will be feeding a large litter and have quite an appetite. There is no need to train the pups in any way, they will learn all that they need to know from their mother. This includes how to drink from the water bottle and where to get food.

Raising baby hamsters is truly a rewarding experience for the entire family.


Source by Dean Anderson

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