Healthy Meal Suggestions for Breastfeeding Moms


The breastfeeding diet focuses on healthy eating for both mother and baby. There are certain pieces of nutrition to focus on, but for the most part eating healthy in general is the key. We have compiled a few meal and snack ideas for our nursing moms.

Since a DHA rich diet is encouraged while breastfeeding, salmon is a great menu item to keep on hand. A DHA rich diet promotes brain growth in your little one and is a low-fat source of protein for mom too. Get a nice steak size piece of salmon and drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and broil it in the oven. In a pan on the stove saute up some red pepper until it is nice and soft. At the last-minute, toss in some golden raisins and kalamata olives just to warm them up. Pour your pan concoction over your salmon and there you are ready to eat.

A second great source of nutrition for you and baby is spinach. Spinach is a great source of iron and calcium, which are two nutrients that breastfeeding moms need more of. Spinach can be a great addition to your favorite meals such as omelets for breakfast, salads at lunch, or pasta dishes at dinner. Adding spinach to your favorite salad greens will boost the nutrition of the meal. Breastfeeding women need a whopping five servings of calcium a day. Prepare your favorite pasta dish and after combining all of the ingredients with the pasta, keep the whole pot over low heat and add a few large handfuls of spinach to the top and put a lid on the pot for a couple minutes. The spinach will wilt into the pasta and is ready to be served. The little bit of heat will steam the spinach in just a couple of minutes and add nutrition and flavor to the dish.

Vitamin C is another very necessary part of a breastfeeding mother’s diet. Vitamin C can be naturally found in many fruits and vegetables such as papaya, strawberries, oranges, cantaloupes, broccoli, and red peppers. Knowing where you can find it is half the battle. Cut up all of these favorite fruits and make a fruit salad to keep in the refrigerator at all times. Snacking healthy is usually hard because the things that are easy to grab when hungry are usually the ones that are not on the health food list. With this fruit salad already made, snacking healthy is easy.

Calcium is very important during breastfeeding. Snacking with calcium rich foods is easy too. Cheese and yogurt are great sources of calcium, as with milk. There are other sources of calcium that aren’t from dairy products though. Try some raw broccoli with a little bit of dipping dressing. If raw vegetables are not on your list of favorites, make a broccoli salad. Blanch the broccoli in a steamer and add a little bit of dressing of choice, crumbled bacon, golden raisins, and cheddar cheese. Chill this in the refrigerator and eat it cold to get the best flavor.


Source by Maggie H Day

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