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With so much poor and inadequate information available, it is little wonder that the obesity epidemic is reaching epidemic proportions. Despite the fact that there are more diet regimes and diet books available, the weight loss industry seems to be making little or no impact on this ever growing health problem.

So why is this?

Over the years the diet /food industry has jumped on the weight loss bandwagon. Twenty years ago, low fat spreads were hailed as the slimmer’s dream, now, due to the presence of hydrogenated fats, they have been deemed unhealthy alternatives to butter. This sort of misinformation has been rife over the last few years, and has contributed in some way to the fact that those people wanting to lose weight have either been adhering to this sort of confusing message or haven’t known which of the many fad diets to follow.

With that in mind I have put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts, which would seem to cut through the confusion that many people are feeling

Here is my list of well researched healthy weight loss tips, I hope you find them helpful


DON’T forget that although calories count, it is no use eating foods that won’t help you to lose weight. Remember a healthy well balanced diet is what you need the most

DON’T reduce you calories too low as your body will think it is in starvation mode and reduce your metabolism in an attempt to compensate.

DON’T go it alone. Get support from others. Friends and family or maybe a weight loss companion, will help to keep you on the straight and narrow

DON’T be fooled by the latest fad diet. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Avoid diets that are “high this” or “low that”

DON’T drink your calories. Solid food provides greater satisfaction and provides the body with the nutrients and fibre it needs to function optimally.

DON’T let others tell you what’s right for you. You need to lose weight because you want to and not because someone else says you should

DON’T set unrealistic goals. You should expect to lose about 2 – 3 pounds per week that is realistic. You may lose more in your first week but that will most likely be water

DON’T get distracted. Losing weight takes time.

DON’T give up if you have an off day or two. Get back on your diet as soon as the mood has passed


DO monitor your progress. Weighing yourself (once a week only) and taking your measurements. Measurements can often be a better indicator of progress as you may have lost size due to the fact that fat is converted into lean muscle

DO choose to eat healthy, wholesome foods from all of the food groups. Get the essential nutrients you need, whilst making appropriate choices for weight loss.

DO exercise. A personally tailored exercise regime will show results much quicker, but if that is not possible include some interval training and resistance training and where possible some basic weight training to help to build lean muscle

DO eat a protein rich breakfast every day.

DO eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, to ensure there is plenty of fibre in your diet.

DO learn to be positive. Think of yourself as a thin person and you will be more likely to behave like one and eat like one.

DO drink at least six 8oz.glasses of water every day.

DO eat enough food to satisfy you. Starvation is not the way forward. One reason for weight loss failure is not enough food to boost the metabolism.


Source by Janet L. Matthews

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