Healthy Tips on Planting Your Veggie Garden



When starting your vegetable garden first choose some veggies you would like to grow. Now choose the right location for the plants. While most veggies thrive in even amounts of sun and shade, a good way to determine where to place them is to look on the tag of the starter plants you buy or check the back of the seed packet. A good soil mix is a great way to give your veggies a leg up. 

Veggies do best in a medium based soil. Not too sandy and not too dense like clay.  You can correct the soil by adding nutrient rich compost. The best way to assure what is right in your area is to go to your nearby garden center and they will help you. You should keep the soil moist but not too wet or dry. Watering every four days or so

should be good.  Of course you need to keep an eye on the weather to assure you don’t over water. Watering is best done late at night so the water can mix into the soil and pull the nutrients out and gives the plants a chance to absorb this rich food. You can also water in early morning but never in the full heat of the sun. At this time of the day the sun will evaporate the water and rob the plants of the full potential of the nutrients.

When pests attack your plants fight back.  I have an organic recipe to help. Mix cooking oil, dish washing liquid and oil. Spray plants well and let it dry. You can find an article on fertilizers that includes a wonderful organic fertilizer recipe on our site.


Source by Nancy Merkle

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