Hermit Crab Cage – What to Look For and How to Keep Them Clean


If you want a fun pet to own without a whole lot of mess, consider hermit crabs. These animals are curious, fun-loving creatures that live in buried shells of dead things like the sea snail. They grow by molting and when taken care of properly can thrive. Since hermit crabs are not picky about the food they consume, they can easily be cared for. Since how easy it is to care for a hermit crab, the cage of a hermit crab is very important. After all, it must properly house your pet for its safety.

Four Tips To Help You Know How To Choose A Hermit Crab Cage

Remember that a captive one can live at least 30 years. For that reason, you need a cage that will give your crab everything it needs to survive and thrive.

– First, pick a cage that allows your crab (s) enough room to grow and move.
– Second, give your crab (s) substrates so they can easily dig while they are molting.
– Third, add accessories such as climbing and play toys to their cage.
– Fourth, place additional shells in varying sizes so that they can choose what size they need.

Five Tips To Ensure A Hygienic Hermit Crab Cage

It can not be stressed enough how important it is to clean your hermit crab's cage clean. Here are five tips to help you do this.

– First, do not ever use soap to clean the cage. Soap can expose your pet to dangerous, harmful chemicals.
– Second, clean the cage with only vinegar and water; This includes the accessories as well.
– Third, boil shells for about five minutes once you've cleaned them so that they are uncontaminated.
– Fourth, remove debris or waste from substrate before placing it back in the cage.
– Fifth, use de-chlorinated water to clean the shells and accessories so your pet's health is not put at risk.

Maintaining The Ideal Temperature and Humidity Levels

Cages are important because it protects them from harm including harm from predators. Make sure you keep it clean on a regular basis and give your crab all the requirements it needs to maintain a healthy, happy life. One such way to do this is to maintain its temperature, generally between 72 and 85 degrees. Bear in mind that these pets are cold-blooded creatures so cold temperatures seen in the fall and winter tend to make them rather feeble and ill.

Humidity levels in the cage should be kept between 75 to 85 percent. Make sure to use sea sponges to help you maintain the humidity level. Remember that you'll need lots of shells in the crab's cage so find ones that are vibrant in colors and will make the cage cheerful.

How To Clean The Hermit Cage

You can easily clean a hermit crab's cage. Start off by removing your crabs from their cage, placing them in heavy container with a lid that's just as heavy. Be sure you remove all the toys and the crab's accessories as well. Use shovel to get rid of the sand substrate from the cage's bottom.

Be sure you clean the tank with only vinegar water using a water hose to spray it with. Use towels and rags to dry it off. Be sure to disinfect it with hermit crab wipes. However, leave it be for an hour before you replace everything back in it including your pets.


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