How Diet and Exercise Dictate Your Weight



We've all been through the diet and exercise process at least once in our life and it is always the same – once in a while while the sight of our own body in the mirror, seems to appear wrong. What we actually all miss to see is the hamster wheel we've gotten ourselves into, when first starting on the body-cult-situation. Well, by now it's probably to late anyway, but there are some facts that you should not miss, when thinking about which diet to try out next; or before planning to sign up for yet another gym.

When it comes to losing, gaining or maintaining weight, the two most important aspects to take into account are diet and exercise. Some lucky people manage to lose weight by only doing one of the two but, for the majority of us, when it comes to weight control, diet and exercise go hand in hand. This is actually not such a bad thing, given that exercise is known to improve mood, where, as we all know, depriving ourselves of our favorite comfort foods, has no such magical effect.

So, why is exercise so important? Basically, it works like this: What you eat will be used to fuel the body. Your energy levels are determined by how well fueled you are. Your activity levels decide how much fuel you use and regular exercise ensures a well-balanced metabolism, which burns up the fat you might otherwise find storing itself in unwelcome locations; your belly, your hips or your thighs!

Eat less and exercise more, and you're likely to lose fat and build muscles. If you over-eat, and raising the fork or spoon to your mouth is the most exercise you get, you're pretty much assured of gaining fat, losing muscle tone and outgrowing your wardrobe. Learn to eat as much food as your body requires (if you simply must have that donut, run to the store, do not drive, to get it!) And you'll find maintaining your weight becomes second nature to you.

Mechanically minded? Think of your body the way you might think of your car: Use only premium quality fuel in the tank, do not leave it standing for days on end and at the very least treat it to a nice run on the weekend. You'll find it repays you by functioning smoothly, changing gears effortlessly, and generally requiring less maintenance than its, rather less active, garage-dwelling buddies.


Source by Nola G.

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