How Long Do Dwarf Hamsters Live?


How long do dwarf hamsters live? Well the life span of a dwarf hamster depends on what exact species she is; the average life is about two years long. If your hamster is two years old, consider her to be at the grandma age. In fact, at this point you'll probably notice her slowing down quite a bit already. Do not worry though, at this point you've given your hamster a good life, just continue to treat her well and let her enjoy the golden years of her life.

The two year mark of a dwarf hamster's life span is more accurate for the Campbells and Siberian hamsters. The Chinese and Roborovski hamsters live a bit longer with a life span of about three years. Of course there are many things that can happen that could cut your hamster's life short. Two of the largest enemies of a long and happy life for a hamster are illnesses and injuries. Fortunately most of these are avoidable with the proper precautions and care.

One of the largest enemies of a hamster living a long life is an illness. Dwarf hamsters can come to be afflicted by a large variety of different illnesses ranging from the common cold to life threatening infections. The best way to avoid these illnesses and the first line of defense is the immune system. You'll need care for your hamster properly so that she has a strong immune system. This includes making sure she is fit and has as little stress as possible. Sometimes some of these illnesses are just plain unavoidable. The common cold is one of those things that will happen sooner or later. If your hamster gets sick you'll need to diagnose the problem and take action accordingly. If you're not sure what to do, a vet can be a valuable help in these situations.

Another enemy of a dwarf hamster's longevity is an injury. Injuries are less common inside of the cage so you'll want to keep your hamster from escaping as once he escapes his safety will be at a much higher risk. If his cage is high up on a table, a precaution you may want to take is to put boxes on the floor with soft cushions inside. If he escapes, he'll not only be safe from the high fall, but he'll be trapped in the box as well so he does not get away. Another important way to prevent injuries is to make sure all his toys are safe and that there are no sharp edges. These can lead to not only injuries, but his wounds could get infected as well.


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