How Long Does a Dwarf Hamster Live?



How long do dwarf hamsters live? The life span of a dwarf hamster can vary depending on the species. On average the life span is a year and a half to three years, while living in captivity. When they are living in the wild they can live for a longer life span up to 5 years once again depending on the species.

* The Campbell and the Siberian dwarf hamster have a life span of about 1 and a half to two years

* The Roborovskii life span is about three to three and a half years.

* The Chinese dwarf hamster is about 3 years.

There are many factors that can affect your dwarf's hamster's life span – like injury, diet, exercise, illnesses and housing conditions.

You can help increase your dwarf hamsters live span by only providing nutritious food and avoiding junk food. Simulating their food intake that they would normally eat in the wild gives them proper nutrition and a healthy diet.

Illnesses are another threat for dwarf hamsters. By providing your pet with a stress free environment helps keeps your pet's immune system. When your pet becomes stressed, this can play a role in lowering their immune system and they can become ill. Some diseases are unavoidable and it's best to always consult a veterinarian for advice.

Providing your pet with opportunity to exercise is important for your pet's health. In the wild they are very active and like to move about. By providing your pet with a solid exercise wheel, geared to their size, gives them opportunity to exercise. Avoid using exercise balls, as they can cause your pet to panic feeling trapped inside, causing their stress level to rise and in turn can affect their immune system.

Provide them with a proper amount of space in their living habitat and if housing more than one dwarf hamster together, only with appropriate cage mates. It is beneficial to provide your pet with a place to hide where they can shelter themselves. In appropriate cage mates can be stressful for your pet.

Injury can also affect your dwarf hamster's life span. When providing your hamster with toys, avoid plastic and sharp edges as it can break off and injure the inside of your pets mouth. Wooden toys that are free of stain and treatments are more ideal. Always take care in handling your pet and supervise children as a fall can cause injuries.


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