How Much Does a Hamster Cost?



If getting a hamster as a pet appeals to you, there are some things you must consider along finding out the answer to the common query – "how much does a hamster cost?" For one, it may interest you to know that hamsters can live only for a couple of years or a little beyond. Here, you may opt to buy a younger hamster too enjoy it for the duration of its life. The next thing you must decide on is what particular hamster breed you would want. These nocturnal members of the rodent family come in various colors, sizes, marks and personalities. Take note of hamsters that try to bite you, an indicator of a not-so-pleasant disposition. The age and weight of the hamsters also affect the retail selling price for them. Hamsters that have been will cared for by breeders before ending up on pet store shelves can be a good buy.

Clean and healthy pets are great to have. Make sure about these by checking your would-be pet's records, which should include not just the age and physical characteristics but also the pedigree and history of illnesses. Hamsters with internal parasites, cuts that do not heal, or have some difficulty walking may incur more costs. When you search for hamsters at a pet store and you find that there are no records, that should prompt you to search elsewhere. An acquaintance / friend that sells hamsters who can show proof that the parent stock is robust and well reared can offer reassurance of healthy offspring. Know also that hamsters tend to be predisposed to genetic defects. So to the question, "how much does a hamster cost?" check out first all these factors before considering yourself a proud & lucky owner of such a small & playful pet.

Two distinct types of hamsters are the dwarf hamsters, which some pet shops sell in pairs, and the Syrian hamster. A dwarf hamster, as the term implies, is smaller than the Syrian type but requires more room. Dwarf hamsters, which can be purchased for as low as four dollars each, are fast-moving creatures, and so are the Roborovski hamsters which are satisfied being kept in colonies of four. Roborovskis cost more than the dwarf or Syrian hamsters. A main requirement for this type of hamster is a cage like that used for mice or a tank that's ventilated and has ample floor space. If you're considering a hamster as a pet gift for a child, the Syrian hamster may be a good idea.

Be prepared to purchase the right accessories for the Syrian hamster which ranges in cost from five to 20 dollars each. Syrian hamsters are solitary creatures. Here, housing it with another can spell trouble. For these relatively easier to tame hamsters, a cage with plenty of floor space and preferably accessories designed for rats will be ideal. Beside the cages and basic food mix, accessories are some of the things you must consider when exploring the answer to the question, "how much does a hamster cost?" There are hamster igloos, carriers (for outings), and rotating wheels which may cost less than 20 dollars each. A hamster bedding and dish may be bought at less than 10 dollars each. basic requirements at hand to ensure a happier pet and a relaxed pet owner as well.


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