How One Man Having Gout Symptoms From 12 Years Found Relief


Gout is a common form of arthritis disease accounting for nearly 5 percent of arthritic conditions. Gout is certainly a painful condition. In many people, it can start suddenly without prior warning. A gout attack may come without warning, leaving the patients confused on what to do in order to get rid of these gout symptoms and pain.

For one 40 year old person, it started all of a sudden. He was diagnosed with this condition at the age of 40 and generally had gout attacks once a year. Usually the gout attack would last a couple of weeks before going away. But once, an attack came with more severity. He first notice pain in his right knee.

Then the pain spread to his left knee and toes and ankles. The pain would not subside even after a month. More months passed and he was still battling with the pain. Due to this, his work life suffered and he was fired from his job.

For many people who have been suffering from gout, the early episodes are usually milder and go away quickly. But as years pass by, many people report that the symptoms become more intense. Alongside the severity of the pain, the gout attack does not go away so quickly and easily.

One patient, who has been suffering from gout from almost 12 years, reports that he found tart cherry concentrate is very helpful whenever there was a gout attack. He reported feeling much better when he started drinking 2 ounces of this cherry juice everyday. He says balaton or montmorency cherries are the best and most effective.

He said that he now eats whatever he likes and still has not experienced a gout symptoms from more than 7 months. The only thing he makes sure is to have the cherry juice daily. However, it is not recommended to become negligent about your diet. You have to take care of what you are eating by avoiding those foods which can increase the gout pain or symptoms.

Montmorency cherry is a type of sour cherry which is usually grown in France, USA as well as China. Balaton cherries are also of sour variety from the Morello cherry family. These cherries also have many other health benefits. They are good for heart, sleep problems and for managing diabetes.

Some patients have reported that massage therapy is helpful for keeping the joints loose and also for reducing the funding found in joints. You might try out massage therapy if you are having a bad bout attack.


Source by Kent Swigg

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