How to Build a Backyard Chicken Run – Start by Getting a Chicken Coop Plan


Do you know chicken makes great household pet? Many people have never thought of raising chickens at home. Usually they will get a dog, cat, fish, hamster etc to keep as pet in their home. Bantams are actually great as pets because they are very low maintenance. The wonderful thing is the hens will produce fresh and delicious eggs. A healthy hen is capable of laying 5 eggs per week. However, due to their reliably small size, chicken are preyed on by cats, dogs, large rats, raccoons etc. To keep them safe, you have to make a Shelter for them. How do you build a backyard chicken run? You start off by getting a set of chicken coop plans.

Building a chicken housing is similar to building a house, but only at a much smaller scale. With any building construction, you will need the design blueprints. The best place to source for chicken coop designs is on the internet. Some of the plans are free while others you have to pay for. Beware of free stuff from the web. There is always a catch. Free plans are usually low quality and may not even be accurate. If you are serious about making a practical, pretty and sturdy chicken coop for your backyard, it is wise to make the investment to buy the plans from a reputable vendor.

How do you find the right chicken run plans? You can do your research online also. Just do a query on the search engine for chicken housing design plans and read the users review. If the plans are good, you will find a lot of positive comments about it.


Source by Kathy O'Connor

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