How to Buy a Healthy Hamster – 7 Steps Guide


Heading for the store to buy a hamster? That's great! But did you do your homework? Here is 7 Steps Guide on how to choose a healthy hamster.

Check the fur: Look for parasites, bald patches, sticky areas and make sure the fur looks normal, shinny and equal. The hamster grooms itself many times during the day so any abnormalities in the coat are because of the poor health condition.

Look at his eyes, nose and ears: Eyes should be clear and lively, the nose dry and free of discharge and the ears soft. Any abnormality in these is a sign of a disease and improper care, so be very careful. Bites signs mean that the hamsters has some altercations because they were kept in a small cage or just cause one hamster is more aggressive.

Look at his cage mate: If the other hamsters show signs of sickness or are aggressive, go to the next pet shop on your list because it's most likely that the hamster you liked has the same problems.

Check his behind: A wet and messy behind probably indicates that the hamster has Wet tail, a common disease among hamsters. If the pet shop assistant tells you that this is due to the bedding and to the fact that the hamster did not groom him himself well, leave the pet shop because this is a big sign of ignorance from them. They are only interested in selling their pets, unfortunately.

Look for bumps or lumps: These clearly indicate health problems, most often an abscess.

Ask about his age: 4-5 weeks it's the best age because they are smaller and easier to tame.

After you make sure that the hamster you intend to buy has no health problems, pick him up, put it on a table and see how he reacts. Does he come to you, smelling you or he runs in the opposite direction, quite scared? If he came to you, great! You just found yourself a great hamster. If not, do not worry. It's quite normal for him to react that way. Maybe you woke him up or interrupted his meal and he is upset. If he does not bite you, this is a good sign and you can take the hamster home.


* Go hamster shopping late in the evening to see the little hamster in action! He is crepuscular so he kind of works in night shifts!

* If you can do this, buy from a breeder to avoid any problems with your hamster's health.

* Buy from pet shop were pets well treated.


Source by Diana Tudor

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