How to Deal With Toddlers – Some Tips to Help You Deal With Your Tots


Toddlers can be fun as they start to be curious about the many things surrounding them. When your child ages one to three years old, they tend to become interested in many things and they start to imitate you. Thus, it is important at this stage to keep an eye on them and learn how to deal with toddler's tantrums and behavior.

It is at this stage that they begin to climb on anything, play with water, explore your purse, play with your pets, open cabinets and drawers, and in anything around them. Thus, it is just right to find ways on how to deal with toddlers, find activities that would fit them, and find ways to deal with their tantrums.

Although this stage is important as children feed their curiosity, it can also become frustrating for parents when they show tantrums and wanting to get what they want. Of course, there are effective ways on how to deal with all these.

– Do not leave your toddlers unsupervised . Their curiosity at this stage is perfectly normal and exploring the things around them is also a normal part of their development. However, you have to keep an eye on them too to make them safe. Fix broken furniture and keep all hazardous substances and tools out of their reach.

– Keep them safe from your pets. Toddlers would love to play around with pets – cats, dogs, hamsters, whatever they are, make sure your child is safe with them. Trim your pet's nails to avoid them hurting your child, or put them in crates when you are playing with your children. Keep in mind the health and safety always of your kid. Feathers and furs may also cause allergies and trigger asthma, so keeping them away from your child can be of big help as well.

– Provide your child with safe toys and make sure you get toys with varying colors, textures and shapes to help them with their development. You can also tell stories to your kids and emphasize about the colors, the sounds and the shapes of things.

– Deal with their tantrums with patience but also teach them to consider others . In learning how to deal with toddlers, you can never get away with dealing with their tantrums. At this stage, they would most often show tantrums when they want something, when they do not like something, and when they want to seek attention. With this, it is important to weigh things out, as this can be stressful for parents. You can ignore him, leave him, distract him, or give in to their demands. Of course, it all depends on the situation. If it is just about something unimportant, you can give in but it should not be tolerated if it is about your kid's safety.

There may also be triggers in your toddler's mood swings and tantrums so it is also important to give your child proper nutrition, put him to bed at regular times, make him experience new toys and things and of course, be extra understanding if he is not feeling well. Although your kid may not be totally free from tantrums, learning some techniques on how to deal with toddlers can help a lot in making the situation less stressful.


Source by Carolyn Anderson

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