How to Feed Your Pet Bird Properly


Birds make wonderful pets for the whole family. If you have decided that a bird is the right pet for your family, you must learn how to feed your bird properly. Birds can live long lives if they receive the proper nutrition. Some birds eat seeds while others live on food. When birds live in the wild they usually eat a combination of foods.It is necessary for you to learn what is the proper food for your breed of bird.In this article I will highlight what is important to be feeding to your birds both in foods and nutrients.

Nutrients are very important for keeping your bird healthy and sound. Vitamin A, is responsible for your bird having good skin and feathers. Vitamin B is necessary for maintaining the health of your birds central nervous system. Vitamin C is good for preventing skin infections. You want to make sure your bird gets vitamin D for the development of their skeletal system. Lastly you want to make sure your bird has a good source of vitamin E to prevent sterility.

Second, Seeds are an essential food for birds, most birds like seeds, but all do not like the same seeds. You can purchase blends of seeds that will satisfy most birds and keep them healthy.

Third, suet is a common bird food that is made of animal fat. Feeding suet in the warm months is not recommended. Beef or pork fat can be purchased for your bird and then put in their cage, or you can purchase suet cakes where you buy your feed.

Lastly, along with the above items you may want to feed your bird, egg shells fruits, and meal worms. Making sure your pet bird has a well rounded diet will keep your bird both healthy and happy for a very long time.


Source by Bryan Burbank

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