How to Give a Woman an Orgasm – What She Wants, That Guys Usually Don’t Know


There are so many men out there that truly believe they know how to give a woman an orgasm, but those same guys find out that their females were faking it. This should definitely not be a problem amongst men. A lot of men think that it is less masculine to focus on pleasuring a female, but then again there are a ton of men who are infatuated with the subject. Make up your mind! Regardless, learning how to give a woman an orgasm is a great and wonderful task. You will not regret it one bit, but there are things you need to focus on when attempting this.

There are two things I emphasize when trying to satisfy a woman. Pay attention to emotion, and eventually in the bed, her physical. A lot of guys tend to forget about the emotion that plays when a female tries to have an orgasm. They just blow right by it and get to the penetration, and then wonder why she was not pleased.

Pay Attention = Emotional State Of Mind

When anyone masturbates, they think about different scenarios and fantasies, not what kind of tiles are in their bathroom. Emotion plays an extreme role in a females orgasm. The thing about it is, you need to spark her emotions way before you even enter the bedroom. This can occur at the dinner table or during a nice walk through the park. Show her that you are interested, tell her how you feel about her without offending her. Talk about fantasies, and what you would possibly want to involve her in or try. Tell her she is beautiful and that you want her, seduce her with your words. This is obviously not on the first date! Give her a good emotional ride throughout the day. Your main goal is to stimulate her mind. Confidence is key, but no cockiness allowed!

Lots of women are very self conscience about their bodies, and other aspects of themselves. Make them feel comfortable and be sure to pay attention to their body language and reactions. You should be able to tell if a female is attracted to you, comfortable around you, and even want you.

In The Bed Don’t Forget…

When you are about to hit the sack, you by now you should both want it because of all the talking and stimulating both of you were doing. When initiating, DON’T FORGET FOREPLAY! This is a crucial part of learning how to give a woman an orgasm. Lots of guys rush into things which will only lead to failure. Rile her up by touching and massaging her whole body, make her feel wanted and that you are there to please her. Kiss and touch her lightly and pay attention to her reactions to know where she likes to be touched.

Find her sensitive spots and remember them. Finally get to the oral stimulation and don’t go haywire there as well. Lick the entire vagina and include the clitoris from time to time. Usually the clitoris is a sensitive area, but if she is riled up the way she should be, then you should have no problem licking her to ecstasy. Once Again pay attention to her body language and figure out what she likes until she climaxes.

During vaginal intercourse make sure to focus on her, make her feel special. Studies show that lots of women do not have vaginal orgasms, but have them by stimulating the clitoris. Rub her clitoris for maximum stimulation, but once again be gentle. While you are stoking, experiment with different angles and positions. Don’t be a dead fish out there!

Lead, do not be a follower in the bed. The masculinity will diminish in her mind if you ask her what to do next. Take control of the situation and don’t be afraid to let her know where you want her to go, but you should ask her if she likes it to make sure she knows you are paying attention.

Like I said earlier, don’t rush. Females usually don’t just think of sex as sex, but a lovemaking experience. If you exhibit and telegraph interest, and show her you want to please her, she will want more and feel comfortable enough to have an orgasm. Don’t be afraid, just be confident and it will follow through.


Source by Tom Cleary

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