How to Give Your Hamster a Healthy and Balanced Diet


Hamsters, like humans, have varied dietary requirements. In the wild, they live off a wide range of foods, including grains, seeds, fruit, vegetables, and small insects. Of course, a pet hamster is not able to go foraging for these items, so it important that you provide foods that contain the same diversity, to supply all of your animal's needs. The following foods will give your hamster the varied diet it needs, and ensure a good nutritional balance:

1. Hamster Mix

This is the main component of most hamsters' diet. It is specifically designed to contain much of the same foods that your pet would eat in the wild. This includes seeds, grains, and dried fruit and veg. It is important to choose a mix designed specifically for hamsters. You can buy similar mixes for other animals but, while they may look the same, they are made up from different foods, and will not meet a hamster's needs.

2. Fresh Fruit And Veg

Your pet should not get all of its nutrients from dried food. Instead, it is a good idea to also give them fresh food, including carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, broccoli and so on. However, be careful not to give them too much of these items as they can cause digestion problems – start with a small piece once a week and gradually build up to a small piece every day.

3. Treats

Although you should not treat your hamster too often, they do enjoy something sweet or unusual once in a while. You should be very careful though because hamsters can not digest many of the items that humans consider to be trips. Sponge cake is a great food that they love, and which they can digest. Pet stores also sell special treats such as hamster-safe chocolates.

By varying your hamster's diet, and doing your best to replicate what they eat in nature, you can ensure that it will live a long, happy, and well-nourished life.


Source by Paul G Watkins

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