How to Jog in the Cold of Winter



Many people often ask me if it's possible to jog in the cold winter. The short answer is; yes it is possible to jog in the winter.

Depending on where you live, the term 'winter' will mean different things to you. Winter in Vegas does not remotely equal winter in Boston, and neither equal winter in Hawaii or Russia. So the longer answer to the question of whether it's possible to jog in the winter is; it depends.

So let's stop talking location and start talking temperature. For this article I'll be talking in degrees Fahrenheit, not Celsius. Generally speaking, the closer the temperature gets to zero Fahrenheit, the more precautions you want to take because the more serious things like frostbite become.

Before I go any further I should state that no exercise routine should be performed without first consulting your doctor, be it in the winter or the summer!

Yes, jogging in the winter is possible. I try to jog indoors on the treadmill, and sometimes I can get away with it if the weather is just too nasty outside. But generally speaking, treadmills bore the life out of me. I can not stand staring at a wall for half an hour like a hamster in a cage running on one of those hamster wheels.

But I do not like the cold either. It's a tricky needle to thread!

First off, for temperatures between lets say zero and thirty two degree Fahrenheit This is what I do. I start out with a clinging layer of clothing, like long underwear. It's important that you use material other than cotton because cotton keeps in moisture, which will get cold, and make you sick. Since jogging means sweating, even when its cold outside, you do not want to be running in below freezing weather covered in cold damp water.

What you want to use is synthetic material that wicks away water from your skin. You can find stuff like that in any sports store.

After that, and depending on just how cold it is, I'll put on a layer of warm material, like sweat pants and a heavy sweat shirt. Again, try to stay away from cotton but its not as important for this layer.

On top of that layer I'll wear light windbreaker material pants and jacket. This is to deflect the wind, which can get pretty serious during the winter.

Finally, to top it all off, I'll add a pair of gloves (whatever kind you are comfortable with) and a stocking hat that covers my ears and as much neck as possible. Add some sun glasses to keep the wind out of your eyes and whalla! You're ready to jog in the winter.

I suggest you start out slow, take it easy, just jog a mile or two at the beginning of winter to get a feel for it and see if winter jogging is right for you. I would not suggest you jump out with a five mile run in 3 feet of snow when the wind chill is negative twenty degrees.

But take it slow, ease into it, get used to it and you may find that winter jogging is just your thing.


Source by Jason Markum

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