How to Pick a Healthy Hamster From a Pet Store and Without Wet Tail


So you're looking to buy a hamster that's why your here I am assuming. Now a lot of people think that just because they are at a pet store that the associates know everything. Well Sorry to tell you this but probably 60% of them tell you the wrong information. That's bad when you're trusting your hamster buying to someone. Not having enough knowledge of a animal will lead to your hamster death. Things to look for when hamster buying are:

1. Good Posture, never get a hamster that is hunched over, that's the first sign of wet-tail.
2. Ears perky, never get a hamster that has laid back ears, that's the warning sign of problems to come.
3. Are the eyes crusted over, do not buy if they are.
4. The most important thing to look for when buying is that your hamster does not have wet-tail (dirrhea).
5. Also get a hamster that does not bite.

Getting one with wet-tail can result in the hamster death. It usually only takes 3-5 days to end up in the hamsters death. It can be cured by using dry-tail. But I'll touch more on that in the next article. Now back to hamster buying.

The Best kinds of hamsters to get are:

1. Chinese
2. Fancy Bear
3. Long Hair (Teddy Bear)
4. Short Hair
5. Dwarf

When your hamster buying make sure to educate yourself before going in just so your prepared in case you get a uneducated associate. Dwarfs are probably your last choice they are the hamster that bites the most. When hamster buying go for the Chinese, they are small, but never ever bite. Also Chinese 99% of the time do not get wet-tail. Also remember to make sure the it does not bite. This is the most important thing to remember because once your child get a bit they usually never want to touch a hamster ever again.

So things to remember when hamster buying:

1. Educate yourself
2. Hamsters body language
3. Get a Chinese hamster if you can.

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Source by Bob Canopo

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