How To Stimulate A Woman Sexually – Instant Arousal Points On Her Body

by Lee Pham


Generally people are aware about only regular erogenous zones, that is points on the body which trigger sexual feelings, but there are many other unexplored points in a woman’s body which when touched stimulate sexual feelings in her instantly. In this article let us find out more about such unexplored points and discuss about some other tips which can help in female sexual arousal.

Common Spots

Generally men tend to concentrate on a woman’s breasts, her nipples, massage her buttocks or at most stimulate her clitoris. These spots are well-known to even men who never have touched a woman because they grow up seeing such scenes in movies or real life as well. But although these are great stimulation points there are many other strong stimulation points which can help in experiencing great sexual satisfaction.

Each Woman Is Different

As we all know each individual is unique within himself, same is the case when it comes to arousal points in a woman. If your ex partner enjoyed a certain type of touch on her body does not mean that your present partner would enjoy it the same way too. An element of surprise will always put things on fire in bed but if you follow the same routine every time your sexual life is bound to become quite boring.

Instant Arousal Points

Let us discuss about some of the instant arousal points in a woman’s body so that next time you have sex she will crave for your touch even after you take leave.

1. Her Hands

You will be surprised to know that a very sensitive area lies in her fingers. So from next time you can try to stimulate that area to initiate sexual feelings in her.

2. Ears

They are one of the most sensitive points in a woman’s body. A gentle kiss on them or saying romantic in her ears will send shivers down her spine and she will be not able to control her sexual desires.

3. Inner Thighs

They are the most underrated sexual stimulation point s which men generally ignore. They are as effective as stimulation of clitoris.

Added Flavors

Apart from stimulating her through these vital points you can also take help of add-on like sex toys or if she is willing give her sexual arousal pills which are readily available in the market these days.

So to cut a long story short the best way to keep a woman sexually happy with you is to keep surprising her through gifts, surprises, and stimulating the points which she never thought of could trigger sexual feelings in her body


Source by Ajeet Gautam

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