How to Take Care of a Hamster – The Ultimate Hamster Care Tips


If you are planning to keep a hamster as your pet, or if you already are having hamsters as pet, this will be the article that you do not want to miss.

What you are going to learn in this article is going to change the life of your hamsters. You will learn how to take care of them and keep them healthy and happy all the time.

Below are 3 ultimate hamster care tips that you must know…

1. Feed your hamsters with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Just like every other pet, hamsters need to have a balanced nutrition. Try to feed them with turnips, lettuces, cabbages, sunflower seeds, alfalfa, corns, carrots and more.

You do not have to feed them with the same food everyday, instead, change the menu everyday so that they will have a balanced diet.

2. Get your hamsters a suitable house. You do not have to buy a large cage for them unless you are going to keep a big number of them. If possible, try to use a wire cage than an aquarium. A wire cage is good in terms of air ventilation while an aquarium tends to trap air.

Try to put their house somewhere less traffic so that they will not get disturbed. And make sure you avoid sunlight as well.

3. Spend time with your hamsters all the time. The main reason you breed and keep hamster is because you want to keep them as pet. Thus, you must enjoy the process and spend time with them. Try to approach them slowly and after they have used to the environment, play with them and train them if you want to.

Do not force yourself to play with them because if they get nervous and scared, they may bite you. Make it slow and use their favorite food to attract them to you.


Source by Shawn L.

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