How to Treat Heel Spurs



Heel spurs is a foot condition that is not that serious as to be life threatening but can produce enough discomfort as to affect a persons day to day activities.

This is primarily due to the extreme pain that is often experienced specifically on the heel area every time it touches the ground during walking, standing and running. Because of this various heel spur treatments are made for anyone who is experiencing this very uncomfortable medical condition.

The most common, the easiest and certainly the most affordable of all the heel spur treatments are through the use of ice. This is done by the direct application of ice on the infected area. Aside from ice, other alternatives can also be used as long as it is cold like cans, bottles and compresses. Putting them in them freezer before application is recommended just in case. However, make sure that the ice is not applied for a very long period of time as this can cause the skin to freeze which certainly produces more harm than relief. To be safe it is good to apply it for 5 to 10 minutes.

Rest is certainly a recommended treatment as it can help in the recovery of the affected area. Not only that but it can also help in renewing the vigor of the help body which greatly speeds up the healing process. However, make sure that you don not stay in one position for a long period of time as it can result in soreness due to inactivity. This is the reason why stretching should or minor exercises should also be done much enough to avoid muscle soreness but less enough to avoid re injuring the affected heel.

The third treatment that can be availed by anyone who has heel spurs is with the use of medicines that can reduce or decrease the swelling and inflammation. Some of the popular over the counter medications include ibuprofen which is typically taken through the mouth and cortisone which is taken through injection. It is important to get advice from a medical practitioner before taking any medicines.

Another treatment aims not on reducing the inflammation but on decreasing the pain caused by it. This is done through the use of orhotics or devices that help in correcting the stress and pressure that affects the feet. These devices are easily acquired from pharmacies and most retail stores. However, custom made ones are more recommended since it can cater to the specific needs of the individual who will be wearing the device. Aside from orthotics, wearing shoes that has soft cushions are also said to be effective in lessening the pain and irritation.

Lastly, weight loss is also said to be another effective treatment as this can improve the absorption of shock by the feet. This is especially true since it is found out that too much weight is one of the main factors that cause the occurrence of heel spurs. This is primarily due to the lower of the center of gravity of the body thought about by excess fat.

Like all types of treatment, each of the various heel spur treatments work by going against the probable cause of heel spurs. It can either provide temporary or permanent relief depending on the number of times that it is done. Whatever the case, it is always good to consult a doctor in the end.


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