How to Treat Hemorrhoids Symptoms Naturally



So, you want to know how to reduce hemorrhoids pain naturally?

I know how you feel. As a matter of fact, I had hemorrhoids myself last year and it was a very painful experience. So, I can fully refer to what you are going through. In fact, studies show that 85% of people worldwide have hemorroids at some point in their lives, yet only a small percentage get medical attention. They just deal with the pain until they need expensive surgery.

However, I have a secret to share with you … I got rid of my hemorrhoids naturally and you can too!

And get this – the majority of people who treat their hemorrhoids naturally do so quickly and never have them return.

This is good news for you and me – especially since we want to know how to treat hemorrhoids naturally. We can turn this problem around quickly.

What are these secrets? Here are a few of them …

1) Get a sitz bath. You could also try hydrotherapy with a bathtub, bidet or warm shower head.

2) Use unscented toilet paper. Also make sure the toilet paper is plain white.

3) Eat a fiber rich diet. This will create a softer stool that will reduce hemorrhoid irritation.

4) Get more exercise.

5) Drink more liquids. Just plain water. No soft drinks.

Additionally, studies have shown that the invention of the sit down toilet has caused a lot of the hemorrhoid problems. In fact, hemorrhoids are much more rare in countries that squat to use the restroom. Try using a squat toilet instead.

Warning: Be sure to follow the above advice! Be sure to take it seriously if you want to cure your hemorrhoids.


Source by Max Waldsmith

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