How to Treat Stage 4 Cancer


If you want to treat stage 4 cancer, you must first have some understanding about the diet and how you can treat stage 4 cancer by controlling your diet.

Diet is the major cause of disease.

In America, reports has shown that 1.5 million of American who died from diseases was associated with diet. This has been associated with consumption of fat, especially saturated fats which come from food, butter and red meat. In place for that, people should go for more fruits, vegetables, whole grain food and cereal products as dietary fats increase the risks for obesity, cancer, and heart problems. High cholesterol is also associated with heart attacks and this should be reduced by reducing on the intake of animal food such as eggs, dairy products, meal, poultry and fish.

You are what you eat. People who eat natural food tend to experience a higher level of energy, better health and improved life. Likewise, taking too much of refined food tends to make one feet fatigue, prone to sickness and disease. So what sort of food you should go for to treat a stage 4 cancer and live a healthy life? You should opt for more natural food like wheat, brown rice, fresh fruits, beans and nuts. Reduced your intake of flour, canned food, sweets, ice cream and chocolates. Avoid all kinds of meat including chicken and fish. A high meat diet increases once chances of heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

Why is taking too much meat harmful to our body? Meat contains excess protein, fat, cholesterol and blood. Red meat contains the largest amount of fat. People who consume high fat diets have a high tension of contracting cancer. Women who consume meat daily has four times possibility of getting breast cancer than those who take less meat every week. The intake of fats impedes the blood circulation leading person to strokes and heart attacks. The fats level increases the chances of contracting cancer. Not only fats are fattening, they are poison to our health and slow down the digestion process.

So if you want to know how to treat stage 4 cancer, you must first work on your diet first. If you are able to do this, you will definitely have a high recovery rate. My mom is a living testimonial of stage 4 cancer patient who has now cleared of cancer cells. She is 73 this year and was a stage 4 ovarian cancer patient when it was detected 4 years ago.


Source by Laura Lin

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