How To Write An Article Without Damaging Your Health



This is an article on article writing, how many times have you seen it on the internet.

Buy this book buy that book it's totally bewildering.

Just take a look on Google see how many pages come up millions, and everyone telling you that they are better than their competitor.

So how do you pick a book on article writing "I do not know" over the years I have bought loads and you could probably pick a few sentences out of each one that are relevant.

Do not get me wrong I am not calling these guys crooks it's just some of the information is not suitable to my needs.

My advice to you is just do it start to write but first off do your research then do a bit more, then when you think you have all you need do it again.

If you can not be bothered doing all that work you could of course buy some articles and rewrite them jig them around rehash them.

But be careful because if it does not look like original content you will not get past the start post, you will definitely get binned.

You often hear people say "but I do not know what to write about".

It often happens all authors will tell you this happens you hit the block, do not worry it will not last forever.

I'm not here to pick subjects for you that is not my job, but have a think.

Have you traveled a lot how many articles there then, have you got kids dozens of bits of information to hand on.

You might be crazy on sport write about it.

Do you have an unusual hobby have you bungee jumped every bridge in the world, if you have you will be the only one, so you could write articles for years.

Or the other classic I can not write, of course you can get through school did not you.

Did you never write an essay about history or literature granted a teacher would have told you what period of history to write about, I bet you did it's simple use you life experiences.

I'm going to give you a few tips you do not have to use them come up with your own but they are a starter for you.

1. Write keep writing the more you do it the easier it becomes.

2. I like to do it the old fashioned way I put everything down on paper first.

3. Take notes hundreds of notes but try to keep them in a logical order.

4. When your happy with your article put it on the computer, when I have gotten to this stage I work it to death. Sometimes I have come away and it's a completely different article.

5. Get someone to read the article for you (my wife is the worlds best critic).

6. After she has knocked me I start again and just rewrite it, you will get there in the end.

7. Content make it have substance you need a start a middle and an end.

8. Use the spell checker that's what they are for.

9. Remember you are writing an article not a novel.

10. Enjoy yourself the worst thing that can happen is someone will criticize you, so what it's not as if it's going to be face to face.

That's it then the end of my tips as I said earlier come up with some of your own there is nothing set in stone do what comes easiest to you.

I do not pretend to be the worlds best writer far from it, but I love it I am still learning and still getting knocked, but so be it I will keep plodding on.

Personally I enjoy writing daft stories about what we got up to as kids, but obviously they are no good for articles. So what did I do I set myself a Blog up and I put all those little tales on there.

If you are going to submit your articles to companies do yourself a big favor read the authors guidelines.

I like a plank did not and got everything rejected.

So once you have written your article and got it submitted to a publisher how do you get people to read it.

That's the difficult part now you do need help and there are thousands of e-books on the internet that will answer your questions.

Use your head try and go with recommendations from real people if you can, and again do your research well and you will succeed.

Most people write articles to make money nice if I could but I write for the joy of it, but you never know one of these days I might make a bob or two.

I hope this has helped a wee bit but as I said before keep plugging away it gets easier cheers.


Source by Chris Emmerson

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