Identifying Yeast Infection Symptoms



So what are the most common candida yeast infection symptoms. Yeast infection symptoms are your body's way of telling you that something is not right. Yeast infection symptoms vary widely depending on the site of infection.


Persistent symptoms should be evaluated by your gynecologist or primary health care provider. Chronic Candidiasis is a systemic yeast infection with a variety of symptoms including fatigue, low energy, muscle aches, headaches and more. Yeast infection symptoms: rashthick, white pasty residuewhite / yellow cheese-like discharge from vagina (vaginal candidiasis) burning, itching, redness, inflammation of vaginal area (vaginal candidiasis) bright red rash (skin & anal candidiasis) intense itch and burn (skin & anal candidiasis) creamy white, painful patches on mouth surface (thrush, mouth candidiasis) rashVaginal candidiasis occurs more frequently in pregnant women, obese woman, or women with diabetes or taking antibiotics.


In females a vaginal yeast infection is characterized by a pasty white colored discharge. When the extra tissue can not easily be wiped off and appears to be somewhat discolored due to staining caused by food or tobacco, it points to chronic hyperplastic. If you have ever had a yeast infection you know that it itches, it is or can be a rash, red or white in color, depending on where it is on the body, there is also pain in urination, discharge and sometimes an odor.


Our skin surface is made to act as a barrier to bacteria, but if something breaks that surface; a cut or a scratch; it gives the bacteria a way to get in. In men it is characterized by red patchy sores near the head of the penis near or under the foreskin. If it happens at the skin, it will be called skin yeast infection. The fungi usually live on the surface of the skin but after multiplying and further growth they typically break down the skin causing the appearance of a red flat rash.


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