Insurance Experts Are Never Order Takers


It is almost as clear as night and day. There are Life insurance experts, health insurance experts, and hopeful insurance order takers. The extreme majority of these sales people are order takers, with few are true experts. Unfortunately most insurance sales people never realize the techniques they use are those of an order taker.

In Real Estate sales it is much easier to spot the sales order takers from the sales makers. Virtually anyone in real estate can be a tour guide and chauffeur possible Buyers around from house to house. Both sales order takes and sales pros can do this. However when hunting down home owners and convicting them to put a house up for sale with their office is different. This is not a task for order takers. In insurance an order taker can survive being an order taker if they are offering quotes of auto and car policies. For life and health insurance order takers there is no such thing.


A Life Insurance Agent who is an order taker can not disserve their clients. To get clients you need to be able to sell. A life insurance agency is not generous, and simply giving you a pre-made sale to put your name on as seller. This is not going to happen. The life insurance agencies should hire sales order takers to service clients and pay them a salary, much like a property casualty agency has service representatives. However the insurance agency hiring managers are untrained in the ability to tell between order takes and future health and life experts.

The life insurance industry has NEVER bred order takes. Order makers are optimistic suckers for answering ads promising so much potential for so little effort. If the sales order taker drifts through the insurance company recruitment allowances, into the profession over 70% will drift out during the first 12 months. Do not dare shift the blame, THE LIFE INSURANCE PROFESSION IS 100% TO BLAME . Also many trade magazines are supported by the life insurance company big ad spenders.

NEITHER sales order takers nor true insurance sales people receive adequate insurance sales training. Adequate training involves one on one office training from a qualified human being, not a manual or a script. It also needs a sales manager to go on one of the life insurance agent's first appointments, and end up with a successful sale that goes 100% to the credit of the agent. This needs to be followed along with the sales manager going along, letting the new agent give the entire presentation, and if necessary stepping in at the closing situation and coming up with the sale. If the sales manager fails, presentations with the sales manager present must be done until the sale is completed by the insurance agent ..

THIS IS NOT THROWING THE AGENT A FISH . Instead it should be consider a confidence builder for the agent and more importantly the sales manager will now know if he mistakenly hired an order taker. All this has nothing to do with product price or how competitive your product is. The agency manager now knows if he has a sales order taker on his hands If so, it is time to start interviewing, and licensing exam studying proceeding with an agent with the potential to join the insurance experts.


Source by Donald Yerke

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