Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms, Causes And Relief By A Fellow Sufferer



I was in my early twenties when the pain of IBS first hit me. Working in a job for a management who pushed hard to get more out of everyone and piled it on mean little time for proper breaks or meals and lots of stress. Sometimes my body complained in the only way it could get me to listen, pain.

I had chronic bouts of abdominal pain for a few weeks, and my bodies waste system stopped functioning as it bought to. At first I grinned and took it, and carried on working as hard as I could and taking the stress ny company was throwing at me. Sometimes the pains in my right side caused me to believe I had Appendicitis and needed to see a doctor. I took a day off work and visitied my GP

In the surgery my doctor poked and prodded at my abdomen to see where the pain was and check for inflammation. None found, appendicitis it was not. Then the questions started, was I happy in my work? No! Did I get stressed at work or home? Yes! Did the pains move around in my abdomen from side to side? Yes! Was I eating proper meals? NO! no time for that. The diagnosis was Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

So I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and that caused the abdominal pain, but what was it and what could I do to prevent the pain from returning?

Firstly I had to get some fiber in my diet, starting with a fiber rich drink I was prescribed to get things moving inside my bowels, but after that I had to continue with more fiber rich foods to alleviate my Irritable bowels. Secondly I had to reduce the stress, that mean saying no to managers managers and not taking all the work they pushed and their impossible deadlines, or at least to stop worrying about them so much.

Soon after the first few fiber drinks had been consumed my bowels felt better. With a proper break each day for a proper meal and the effort taken to say no to the stress I was soon free of the irritated bowel. Not to say cured, but when I do get the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome I recognize them and look for my triggers to make the changes to get relief from the IBS again.

The symptoms of Irritable Bowel syndrome may not be the same, and the triggers may differ for different people. Seeking medical advice and dealing with the stress, eating habits or whatever else may cause your symptoms is a start on the road to relief from Irritable Bowels and the suffering you are experiencing.


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