Is Coffee Bad For Your Health?



Poor coffee has been a victim of criticism for several years now because it has been held responsible time and again for stunted growth to heart disease and even cancer. But is coffee that bad? Recent studies suggest that it is not a villain at all and there is not a big concern in having coffee. For those of you thinking of stopping the daily dose of coffee should hold on for a while. If you read on, you will find out whether coffee is bad for your health.

A recent study on approximately 1,28,000 people showed exciting results. These people drank filtered coffee on a daily basis and there were no signs of any kind of heart disease in them. There was again one study carried out with 4,000 people in March 2006. This study showed that those who had a prior history of heart disease due to hereditary reasons were likely to develop heart disease due to consumption of excess coffee.

Coffee comprises certain ingredients that are found to be useful for the body. There are some doctors who recommend patients with type 2 diabetes to have coffee regularly. The reason is coffee contains certain antioxidant which help in destruction of cells that are responsible for diabetes. Also, the presence of clorogenyc acid in coffee is known to reduce glucose level.

Besides this, coffee has many other health benefits. It can prevent liver cirrhoses and stones; it reduces the risk of asthmatic attack; it improves the flow of blood to the heart; and also relieves one from headaches. However, if you want to avail the health benefits of coffee, you should not consume more than six cups of coffee per day. There is always a word of caution for those who exceed the limit of six cups per day. Anything in excess is of course not good and the same is also true for coffee. Those who are pregnant and suffer from ulcers must avoid coffee.


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