Keeping Rodents Out of Your Pet Food



Mice and rats are the bane of rural and urban residents across America. Pet owners find that they are especially prone to the attentions of these vexing vermin, as pet food that is not immediately consumed will become an instant food source for unwanted guests. Also, improper pet food storage can turn your supply of expensive pet food into a all-night mouse buffet. Here are some tips for keeping pet food secure from rats and mice.

First, remember that rodents can chew through just about anything, given time. The word “rodent” itself is from the Latin word meaning “to gnaw”, and anything softer than metal will not keep out a dedicated rat indefinitely. Ideally, you want to keep rats and mice from knowing that there is food in the container to begin with. Try to find the tightest-sealing container possible, one that will not allow the scent of food to escape and attract pests. If you have a main storage bin from which you re-supply infrequently, you might consider plastic-wrapping the edge of the lid, which will also help keep the food fresher and spoil less quickly.

Also, remember that for all their agility and cleverness, rodents can’t walk on the ceiling. A sturdily-fixed hook in the ceiling can be used to hang up a container of food, and as long as there are no ropes or lines running from the ground to the container, it should be safe from rodent predation. Since removing a lid may be difficult with such a set-up, this works better with the type of pet food storage container that have a swinging door.

As a pet owner, if you have a rodent problem, you should avoid using traps and poisons. Unless you are 100% certain your pets will never come into contact with the traps, poison, or any vermin killed by poison, using these methods of pest control puts your pets at risk. By removing food sources from rodents, you’ll see that they quickly move on to greener pastures.


Source by Andrew Massaro

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