Kong Mini Stuff 'N Puppy Snaps – Healthy Treats That Make Dogs Think



Mini Stuff 'N Puppy Snaps: Busy Time Treats by Kong

Dog biscuits are a great option that many dogs love. Kong has created a line of biscuit treats that are designed for use with their Kong toys. These delicious dog cookies are a great way to keep canine minds busy and engaged. The scent and flavor of natural chicken and rice makes these a sure favorite your young canine companion will enjoy.

Health Overview of Kong's Stuff 'N Puppy Snaps

Stuff N 'Puppy Snaps are a great way to keep young dog's busy while removing build up on teeth. When used with a Kong toy, the rubber helps remove debris from between teeth. The biscuits themselves are made of natural ingredients. Corn and wheat are not used, making these tasty dog ​​trees ideal for all canines, even those who suffer from allergies.

Manufacturer Snapshot: Kong Company

Kong is a well known name among pet owners. What is not so well known is that this company began with a German shepherd. Owner Joe Markham found that his former police dog named Fritz had an obsession with chewing rocks. This in turn damaged his teeth, which frustrated his owners. While working on his Volkswagen Van, Markham saw Fritz chewing rocks yet again. With nothing else that seemed to work, Markham decided to throw car parts near Fritz as a way to distract him. Nothing worked until an oddly shaped suspension part finally made the dog's eye. This was the very first version of the Kong toy available to all pet owners today.


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