Kosher Snacks – Delicious and Healthy!


Pacify your hunger-pangs with delicious Kosher Snacks. These snacks are made in accordance with the traditional Jewish diet laws and are a perfect choice for those on low calorie diet.

Kosher Foods are a healthy alternative for people who are keeping a check on their weight or want to take healthy diet. Meat is the key component of these snacks. However, not all snacks have meat. The Kosher Italian Zest Flavor Golden Flax Crackers, for instance, is a special blend of Italian herbs. These crisp, light crackers are a perfect substitute for chips. Enjoy them as a snack or add them with pizza, spaghetti, hummus, dip, soup, any spread, or salad. These Golden Flax Crackers are available in a range of flavors to choose from like, Barbecue, Hemp, Maple & Cinnamon, Mexican Harvest, Onion Garlic and Kosher Regular Flavor Golden Flax Crackers. A few of these flavors contain sugar and so, are not recommended for people on strict low carb lifestyle. It is therefore advisable to read the ingredients before taking your pick.

Here is some information on how to recognize Kosher Foods and to know their ingredients. Kosher markings are divided into two parts. The first part tells which organization inspected the product. This is typically indicated by a U, OU, or K inside a circle. These refer to the three different organizations that inspect Kosher Products. The next part implies different kosher status. For example:

  • D or DE outside the circle means that the product contains dairy ingredients or has been processed on equipments that also process dairy ingredients.
  • M outside the circle means the product either contains meat or poultry ingredients or has been processed on meat/ poultry equipments.
  • P means the product is kosher for Passover but may or may not be Parve.
  • If there are no markings outside the circle, it means the product contains no dairy or meat ingredients and has not been processed on any such equipments either. In other words, the food is Parve or Pareve.
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