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If you are taking a Christmas vacation tour to Japan or South East Asian countries, learn about Japanese Encephalitis disease. It can prevent this deadly disease from spoiling your Christmas.

What is Japanese Encephalitis:

Japanese Encephalitis is a disease especially found in South East Asian countries like Japan. This is why travelers must take extra care of preventing this disease. The disease itself is caused due to a virus strain. It is transported by a variety of mosquito. One of the causes is that the virus can breed in animals like cows and pigs. It can be transferred by mosquito bites from these animals to humans.

Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis:

The symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis do not manifest themselves during the incubation period of the virus. The symptoms start appearing as follows:

• Trembling and sudden fever, sudden pains in the body

• Neck and body rigidity, headaches or migraines

• Cachexia or weight loss and loss of appetite

• Hemiparesis or weakness on one side of the body

• Seizures, deafness and confusion are possible

• In children, it can cause mental retardation

Untreated cases of diseases can lead to coma and even death.

Japanese encephalitis Vaccine:

If you are planning to go on a vacation to these countries and especially going off into jungles or small villages, you must seek vaccination for Japanese Encephalitis. It can save you and your family from these diseases. The vaccine is derived from other virus strains raised on mouse brain cells or hamster kidney cells. This vaccine is known by brand names such as Green Cross.

Japanese Encephalitis Treatment:

Treatment of diseases is not available till date. However, some medications can alleviate the symptoms and reduce the damage caused by the disease to the nervous system. Some drugs and treatments aim to support the patient during seizures and while breathing or feeding difficulties. Others can help boost the immune system during weakness and aid digestion. As the disease does not spread through direct contact, the affected person should not be isolated to a hospital room but due care must be taken of his hygiene.

These diseases can be preceded not only by vaccines but also following simple tips like not venturing in the locales where the disease is prevalent and avoiding exposure to mosquitoes by using mosquito nets, mosquito coils or mats and mosquito repellent creams.

Do remember to take these precautions to avoid Japanese encephalitis infection if you are traveling to these countries this Christmas.


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