Lifestyle Stress – 3 Top Tips For a Healthier You by Reducing Too Busy Stress in Your Life


The too busy stress in your life feels like you are the hamster in the wheel, spending energy, time, feeling unwell and going nowhere.

1-Stress will reduce your quality of life veryly. You usually do realize it until you start feeling extremely tired and overwhelmed. The too busy stress that drains you physically leaves you vulnerable to illness. Step back from your too busy day, look at what you are doing. Have you taken a lunch break? You must stop and sit down, and concentrate on the meal in front of you. A salad, fruit and a drink, ateen in a quiet location will refresh your body. You will get the nutrition you need and if you add a visualization of having a picnic somewhere, your mind will become clearer as well. Feeding both body and mind will increase you immune factors.

2. Running endlessly in that too busy stress wheel adds to overwhelm and frustration. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. In stressful busy times mental health is paramount. Your attitude does effect your wellness. Using different forms of meditation will increase your mental energy, help you think clear and help you sleep more relaxed.

3. Deteriorating health fuels stress and anxiety. It will seem like a vicious circle. Stress beggets feeling tired, feeling tired begets not eating right, not eating right begets being vulnerable to disease, being vulnerable to disease begets stress. To break this cycle you have to take control. You must nurture yourself, no one else can. Take control of the busy busy tasks and prioritize. Take control by saying no to extra work. Take control by listening to your body and what it is telling you. Start doing what you feel is right to do for you. Rest more often, take a quiet walk, eat healthy and self nurture.


Source by Ellen R. Norman

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